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Resources for Realtors

Find Your School by Address
Type the address with the house number first, then street name, then direction. DO NOT use punctuation.
Example: 1009 1st St N vs. 1009 N. 1st St.

If you still have questions, call Central Registration, 323-4110. This is also the number parents call to register their kids for school.

Feeder System (pdf document)
File Size: 325.6 kb

2016-17 Elementary Boundary map (pdf document)
File Size: 7893.05 kb

2016-17 Middle School/High School Boundary Map (pdf document)
File Size: 7956.01 kb

Info Map (information about BPS, plus a map).

NEW 2016-2017 School Calendar (pdf document)
File Size: 485.92 kb

Registration/Transfer Info

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