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Administrative Openings

Application Procedures

Please complete our online application through the Talented Recruit & Hire link at the bottom of this page.

Director of Professional Learning

*PLEASE NOTE - The deadline date for this position has been moved up one day due to some scheduling conflicts. The new deadline date is March 5th. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Application deadline date: Sun., March 5, 2017


1. A Master's degree in education
2. A valid North Dakota Administrator Credential
3. Minimum of 5 years of relevant teaching experience
4. Experience providing professional development to adult learners
5. Extensive knowledge of instructional design methodologies and standards writing/development
6. Experience developing and managing projects from inception to completion

SALARY CLASSIFICATION: Administrative Salary Schedule

REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent

JOB GOAL: To ensure staff learning and curriculum development systems align with the mission, vision, goals, and objectives of the district in order for consistent improvement in student achievement.

1. Operationalize a cohesive district preK-14 vision for teaching and learning.
2. Formalize BPS base competencies for each employee category and facilitate the process of achievement of current and future staff in realizing those competencies.
3. Manage in his or her portfolio, under the direction of the Assistant Superintendents, duties related to professional development on required policies, Standard Based Education (SBE), Project Based Learning, blended learning, and Multi-Tiered System of Supports.
4. Manage duties, as assigned, within the AdvancEd portfolio ensuring alignment of school improvement plans with district goals.
5. Facilitate and monitor short and long-term planning of School Improvement Plans based upon the district data.
6. Coordinate district data reviews and build capacity in teams' use of data for systems improvement.
7. Serve as a resource in informing stakeholders about the professional learning of district staff and of student achievement.
8. Facilitate an instructional resources review cycle and administrator the instructional resource request process.
9. Facilitate the work of staff responsible for development of Standard Based Education (teaching and learning practices, alignment, proficiency scales, progress monitoring/reporting, and student goal setting) to advance student achievement.
10. Assist in managing instructional resources and staff development expenditures.
11. Prepare compliance reports required by local, state, and federal agencies.
12. Supervise and evaluate performance of district staff developers as described in the BPS Professional Excellence Program.
13. Develop and manage projects from initiation to implementation through program evaluation.
14. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Assistant Superintendent.

Starting salary range: $112,303 to $123,788

Elementary School Principal

Application deadline date: Sun., March 5, 2017

1. Master's Degree in Education
2. A level EP01 Elementary Principal Credential
3. A valid North Dakota Teaching Certificate
4. 3 years administrative experience preferred

Reports to: Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools

Supervises: All personnel assigned to the school

Job Goal: To promote the academic success and personal well-being of every student.

Starting salary range: $106,482.00 to $117,372.00


TalentEd Recruit & Hire (link)

The Bismarck Public School District uses an online application process. All external applicants must complete the online application to be considered for all job openings with BPS.

Helpful Hints:
#1 With most applications there is the option to attach a cover letter. Please be aware that if you change your cover letter and attach a new one, it will replace the cover letter in all previous applications. There is a long-answer box within the application itself for you to type a cover letter and that allows you to customize it for the job you are applying for.

#2 Uploading Attachments - you are limited to uploading 6 documents as attachments. If, for instance, you have multiple transcripts, we suggest you scan them all into one document and upload it that way. The same with the other attachments. If those documents are multiple pages, scan them all together into one document and upload it that way.

The link for the internal application is found in the upper right corner at the TalentEd Recruit & Hire site. Current BPS employees can complete the internal application to apply for positions in the same category as their current job (i.e., current contracted teachers applying for a different teaching position, support staff employees applying for a different support staff position, etc.). Temporary employees and substitutes, both regular and long term, are NOT considered internal applicants and should complete the external application to apply for posted positions.

Veteran's Preference will be applied for qualified applicants in compliance with the North Dakota Century Code.

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