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Required Documents

What you'll need to register your child for school
To register your child for school in the Bismarck Public School District, please bring proper identification with you to the Central Registration Office.

Due to the high volume of students enrolling, registration are by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling Linda at the Central Registration office, 701-323-4110. Children who are enrolling do not need to be present but are welcome.

Please note the following items carefully. You will need ALL of these required items with you when you come to register your child.
  1. Parent/guardian photo identification is required.
  2. Copy of state-certified birth certificate for each child you are enrolling
  3. Copy of the Certificate of Immunizations records for each child you are enrolling.
  4. Primary proof of residence:
    • Home mortgage statement OR
    • Builder's agreement OR
    • Purchase agreement OR
    • Homeowners insurance policy OR
    • Burleigh County property tax statement OR
    • Lease/rental agreement (must list the names of the parents/guardians living in the rental unit, plus the manager's name and phone number.
  5. Secondary proof of residence: (within the last 30 days)
    • Current gas, electricity or water bill OR
    • Current Cable or Direct TV bill OR
    • Department of Social Services documentation.

    Unacceptable proof of residence:
    • U.S. mail
    • Post office change of address
    • Credit card/bank statements
    • Personal taxes
    • Medical bills
    • Payroll checks
    • Auto insurance policy
    • Any proof older than 30 days.

    If you're in the process of moving into your own residence and you are temporarily staying with someone, they will need to complete the Residency Affidavit and provide two proofs of residency (see above) and be present with you when you register.

    If you live in transitional housing (motel, campsite, car, shelter or shared housing), please tell the registrar at the time of your appointment that you are in transitional housing.

    NOTE: Bismarck Public School district reserves the right to deny enrollment if it believes falsification of information has taken place or the student does not live at the residence stated in the registration paperwork. A home visit may be made if residency cannot be established to the district's satisfaction.

  6. Custody papers, if applicable (court order of custody or stamped petition is acceptable)
  • If the student is not the biological child, documentation must be presented that proves transfer of custody and control and has been achieved.
  • Notarized letters for custody are unacceptable.

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