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10:45 am Email & Text to Parents/Guardians
Similar to what has been happening at other schools across the U.S. this week, Bismarck Public Schools has had a bomb threat.

An automated voice call was made to Sunrise Elementary School at 10:10 this morning. School Resource Officers from the Bismarck Police Department and our district safety officer immediately responded. Sunrise is conducting an evacuation drill while officers and school staff familiar with the building look for anything suspicious.

DO NOT go to the school. We will notify you when the investigation is concluded.

11 am district website update
The bomb expert with the Bismarck PD says this is the exact same pre-recorded message that has gone out across the nation. However, we are treating the threat like it is legit and following the Emergency Operations Procedure. Our other schools have also been notified.

11:05 am district website update
Sunrise is letting students back in the building. Police have said it is safe to enter.

11:10 am district website update
Earlier this week the Superintendent's office alerted all school principals and secretaries that fake bomb threats were being made across the country and to be prepared. Tamara Uselman says the Sunrise staff handled the situation today as per protocol and things went smoothly.

NOTE: Police directed us to evacuate students onto the playground, but we had buses standing by in case the threat was real and we needed to transport students and staff to a designated safe site.


School bomb threats are happening all around the country at the moment and it's frightening. If your child's school has been targeted you may be dealing with emotions of fear, anger and frustration. It's important to think about how you portray those emotions when discussing bomb threats with your child, who will be feeling and hearing all sorts of things too!
Here's what you need to do:

1. Let your child talk about how they are feeling.
Let your child talk about what they've heard and stop to listen closely. They may have heard incorrect or exaggerated information about what's been happening in schools. They may also be hearing language that is new to their ears, like ‘terrorism' and ‘hoax'. Gently answer their questions without imposing your own fears.

2. Now is the time to reiterate the importance of rules.
Remind your child that school rules are in place for a reason. Reinforce why you need to listen to your teacher and follow their instructions carefully. Talk about the reasons why schools have evacuation rehearsals and how important it is to take these seriously.

3. Give your child reassurance.
Every child will react differently. Those who have had bomb threats in their school may be scared to return or quite upset that their school was targeted. Reassure your child that all schools have action plans in place should something go wrong. Remind them a teacher will always make the safety of his/her students, paramount.

4. Turn off the news.
While it may be tempting to keep the news on TV so you can stay up to date, be aware that the news is not in ‘child-speak'. It is not interactive and it doesn't allow for children to have a conversation or ask questions. You are better off having a chat with your child, so that you have the power to expose as much or as little as you see fit, depending on how they are handling the situation. They may not like to be reminded of the event.

Above all us, it's important to stay calm but not be too complacent. Listen to how your child is feeling and gently remind them the importance of listening and following instructions. There's no such thing as being too safe!
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