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Camp Edventure Resources

Camp Edventure Reading Symbaloo

Camp Edventure Math Symbaloo


Fasttmath is a math fluency application that works to develop automatic recall of basic math facts. Camp Ed students going into grades 3 and 4th grades are enrolled. Students going into 3rd are typically enrolled in addition and those going into 4th remain in what they were assigned during school or are placed in multiplication.

If a student used the program during the school year he/she will keep going where they were. You may make adjustments in the operations but are encouraged to do that prior to students taking the baseline. If you are new to FasttMath or need a refresher please watch this short instructional video.

Fraction Nation
Fraction Nation

Fraction Nation - Uses visual models and representations to help students build an understanding of the more abstract number system of fractions and decimals. Fraction Nation is available for Camp Ed use for students going into 5th grade. Concepts taught in Fraction Nation need to be contextualized within the classroom and practiced outside the program. If you are new to Fraction Nation or need a refresher please watch this short instructional video.

Flipchart Resources
**You need to be logged into Google with your Bismarck Schools Google Apps account to view/access these resources. To edit these, click the file to DOWNLOAD to your computer and open in Activ Inspire. These are not editable within Google.

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