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Child Nutrition

General Information

806 North Washington
Bismarck ND 58501
Phone: 701-323-4090
Fax: 701-323-4001

Doug Joersz

Dar Wixcey

Joan Knoll
Licensed Registered Dietitian

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Lunch Menus

Lunch Menus

 Log into MyPayments Plus

Pay for lunch online!
Pay for school food ONLINE
(for a small fee)

By: Doug Joersz, Child Nutrition Coordinator

Parents now have access to an online payment system implemented by Bismarck Public Schools' Child Nutrition Program. You can make payments to your child's meal account online using a VISA or MasterCard credit card (debit cards are not allowed at this point in time), OR you can continue to pay by sending money or checks to your child's school.

The online payment system is called MyPaymentsPlus. You can use it to:
  • View your child's meal account balance online (free service).
  • See what your child is purchasing in the cafeteria (free service).
  • Receive e-mail reminders when your child's lunch account balance is low (free service).
  • Make payments to your child's meal account (a 4.29% fee is charged each time you make a payment. Ex: if you deposit $100, you will be charged $104.29 for the online convenience option. The fee goes to MyPaymentPlus, not Bismarck Public Schools).
Signing up is free and easy. You will need your child's district ID number to register. Download these instructions on how to register for any or all of these free or fee services!

My Payments Plus Instructions (pdf document)
File Size: 208.56 kb


Bismarck Public Schools maintains an affordable food service program. Applications for free and reduced price meals are available at the Food Service Department located in the Hughes Educational Center and at all school buildings.

Meal and milk costs for the current year are:

  • Milk (1/2 pint) $.40
  • Elementary
    • Breakfast $1.15
    • Lunch $2.00
  • Secondary
    • Breakfast $1.25
    • Lunch $2.50
  • Adult
    • Breakfast $1.75
    • Lunch $3.25
  • Reduced
    • Breakfast $.30
    • Lunch $.40

Estimated Meal Start Times by Building
High Schools Breakfast Lunch
Bismarck High School 7:45 First Lunch 11:02
Second Lunch 11:56
Third Lunch 12:50
Century High School 7:00 First Lunch 11:02
Second Lunch 11:56
Third Lunch 12:50
Legacy High School 7:30 First Lunch 11:23
Second Lunch 12:28
Third lunch 12:50
South Central High School 8:05 11:55
Middle Schools Breakfast Lunch
Horizon 7:20 First Lunch 11:19
Second Lunch 11:46
Third lunch 12:12
Simle 7:20 First Lunch 11:47
Second Lunch 12:32
Third lunch 1:05
Wachter 7:20 First Lunch 11:21
Second Lunch 12:18
Third lunch 12:44
Elementary Breakfast Lunch
Centennial 7:45 11:45
Grimsrud 7:45 11:55
Highland Acres 7:45 11:45
Liberty 7:45 11:15
Lincoln 7:45 11:00
Robert Miller 7:45 10:55
Dorothy Moses 7:45 11:30
Rita Murphy 7:40 11:00
Jeannette Myhre 7:40 11:45
Northridge 7:45 11:00
Pioneer 7:45 11:35
Prairie Rose 7:45 11:50
Roosevelt 7:45 12:00
Saxvik 7:45 11:20
Solheim 7:40 11:45
Sunrise 7:45 11:30
Will-Moore 7:45 11:30

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