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Policies & Procedures


  • Respect others.
  • Respect media center property.
    Work and visit quietly.
  • Leave food and drink at the circulation desk.
  • Use library computers for educational purposes only.


  • Student will be given one warning.
  • If behavior continues, student will be asked to leave/return to class.
  • If warranted, student may be denied media center privileges for an extended period of time.

Checkout Policy

  1. Fiction/non-fiction books may be checked out for three weeks.
  2. Reference books may be checked out overnight (one day).
  3. Books may be renewed if students bring the book back to the circ desk to renew.
  4. Overdue notices will be sent to second or third period teacher who will pass the notice to students.
  5. Students will receive an overdue notice immediately after items are overdue. At the end of the third week (21 days), parents will be notified. At the end of the fourth week (28 days after due date), students who have not returned or paid for their overdue materials will not be exempt from their final tests. Only those seniors who have returned or paid for all of their library materials will be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony. Upon graduation, the School Resource Officer may be notified of any seniors who failed to return or pay for lost or damaged media center materials.
  6. Patrons are responsible for replacing the cost of a lost or damaged book.
  7. There is a block on checking out materials until fines for overdue materials and book replacement costs are paid.

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