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Top 10 Financial Aid Tips

Tip 1: Prioritize your efforts, starting with the federal government. Then turn to the private sector for additional assistance.

Tip 2: Learn all you can about the college financial aid process. Be sure to meet with the college financial aid officer and establish a relationship.

Tip 3: Submit a FAFSA, even if you don''t think you qualify for aid. Being rejected for federal aid is sometimes a prerequisite for private awards.

Tip 4: Apply for aid as soon as possible after January 1. The early bird always gets the worm - and sometimes the scholarship.

Tip 5: Inform financial aid administrators about atypical expenses. Certain allowances may be made to assist you.

Tip 6: Take advantage of tuition prepayment discounts. Some colleges offer up to a 10% discount for early payment.

Tip 7: Money from grandparents should be paid in your name directly to the school. This avoids the gift tax liability.

Tip 8: Investigate company-sponsored tuition plans. Many employers will invest in the education of their employees.

Tip 9: Apply! You can not win awards or receive funds for which you do not apply, so pay attention to the deadlines.

Tip 10:Use scholarship search engines like FastWeb to help you find the private sector assistance you need.


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