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Century High School Counseling Office

Counselors are available between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Contact Information

Phone: 701-323-4902
Fax: 701-323-4906

Counseling Referral Form

Counseling Referral Form (ocx document)
File Size: 31.72 kb

This form is used by parents and school staff to refer students to their counselor. Once the form is completed please email the form to the student's counselor.

A-Fj Cassie Kisse
Fl-K Jason Marotzke
L-R Dan Trottier
S-Z Keira Oscarson

Mission Statement

The mission of the Century High School Counseling Office is to be a valuable resource to students and parents regarding academic, career, and personal/social issues.

Vision Statement

The Century High School Counseling Department strives to be an integral part of the total education system as a resource for EVERY student. Through collaboration, the counseling department will be a comprehensive, developmental resource for personal/social, academic, and career needs while providing a safe, supportive environment. Programming decisions will be data driven and based on total needs of the students it serves.
Counseling services include the following:


New Student Orientation & Scheduling - Counselors will assist new students as they adapt to a new school.

Individual Counseling - Students may consult with the counselors before, during, and after school. Appointments are not necessary.

Testing Services - Information and application forms for the ACT Testing Program or SAT program are available in the Counseling Office.

Career Information - Representatives from colleges, technical and private schools and the armed forces visit the school throughout the school year. Scholarships, financial assistance, and college applications are also available in the Counseling Office.

Referrals - Counselors are available to help students when referrals are necessary for health and community services, social services, vocational rehabilitation, speech therapy, post high school education, and occupational information.

Parent/Teacher Conferences - These may be arranged by the counselor upon the request of either the parent or the teacher.

Homebound Program - In some cases when students are confined to the hospital or at home for a lengthy period, the school system provides visiting teacher assistance. Arrangements must be made by the counselors. A doctor's statement on inability to attend classes is required for this program.

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