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2013 Girls Tennis

2017 Century Girls Tennis Announcements:

Monday, May 22:

JV Tournament:

The following players should be at Sertoma at 7:45 AM: Katie, Emily, Jessica, Marissa, Mikayla, Riley, Brynn, Scout, Blaike, Allison, Madison, Meg

Court sites that the above players will be transported to and play at throughout the day:

#1 Katie - Sertoma
#2 Emily - Sertoma
#3 Jessica - Mandan
#4 Allison - Mandan

#1 Marissa & Mikayla - Tom O'Leary
#2 Brynn & Scout - Tom O'Leary
#3a Riley & Blaike - North Central
#3b Madison & Meg - North Central

Varsity: Practice 4:30 - 6:00 PM @ Sertoma

Tuesday, May 23:

Top 10: Practice 4:30 - 6:00 PM @ Sertoma

Wednesday, May 24:

Top 10: Practice 4:30 - 6:00 PM @ Sertoma

Thursday, May 25 - Saturday, May 27: Top 9 at WDA Tournament in Minot. Will depart Thursday morning at 5:45 AM from Century.


End-of-season Team/Family Potluck: Please bring your family to celebrate the girls season Wednesday, June 7 at 5:30 PM @ CHS Commons

6th grade tennis:

This is new this season. 6th graders are not eligible to play in a varsity or junior varsity match, however, this is an opportunity for them to get some extra practice in and exposure to the high school tennis program in preparation for 7th grade when they will be team members.

6th graders will practice twice per week for ~ 4 weeks. Physicals, activity fees, and online registration is not required. No indoor practices will be held for the 6th grade program if weather does not permit. Dates and times for practice will be updated weekly.

Remind App: Make sure to sign up (parents and players). Class is called "Century Tennis" or search by Class Code "@dankeith"


Any 6th-12th grade student at Century High school or attending a feeder school for CHS is eligible to be a member of the Century tennis program. 6th graders are not eligible to participate on the high school team in matches, but are eligible to practice and play matches against 6th graders from other schools.

Please refer to the handbook section of the website for more specifics related to the CHS Tennis program.

The official schedule for the Boy's and Girl's teams are posted on rSchool Today and is accessed on the Century High School website.

Inclement weather: In the event of rain, practices will be held indoors at Capital Racquet & Fitness Center. All players MUST bring $1 to cover court costs. Indoor practice time will be posted on team website.

Daily Practices will be at Sertoma Tennis Courts (M-F)

For further information, you can text or call Dan Keith at 471-5671 or via email at


Spectator Guidelines/Rules of Etiquette

1. Only coaches can be on the court during a match. Parents must stay outside the fenced area.

2. Only coaches can bring food, water, a player. Just give
anything your child needs to myself, Mike, or Scott and we will get it to him/her right away.

3. There cannot be any contact between parent and player during a
match even if it only to ask if she needs anything. That is an
automatic disqualification if a coach were to enforce the rules.
Again, simply tell one of our coaches and we will get the message

4. Please refrain from cheering in the middle of points. I love our
excitement, but...sometimes even when we think that our player has hit a great shot and the point is over, the other player gets to the ball and the point is still live. Any cheering can be a distraction to both

5. You can always applaud nice shots. The rules never discourage that and either do we! If an opponent makes an error, however, cheering should not take place. Examples would be double faulting (missing both serves), hitting a ball into the net on a shot that should have been easily returned, etc...

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