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CHS Girls BB HomeCHS Girls BB Home

2014 - 2015 Season

2014-15 Practice-Game Calendar

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Cumulus Radio Prospective Broadcast Schedule

12/05Varsityat CC Jamboree vs. JamestownW 59-23
12/06Varsityat CC Jamboree vs. BelcourtW 66-60
12/11 - 12/13Varsityat Gillette WY TourneyL 49-59, L 63-68, W 48-38
12/18VarsityMandan at Century (O)W 75-38
12/19Varsityat Williston (HS)W 89-35
1/2Varsityat St. Mary's (Main)W 65-38
1/6Varsityat Dickinson (Main)W 88-40
1/9VarsityBelcourt at Century (O)W 84-54
1/13VarsityJamestown at Century (O)W 68-17
1/15Varsityat Minot (MCC)L 52-56
1/22VarsityBismarck (Event Center)W 70-44
1/29VarsityDickinson at Century (O)W 64-50
1/31VarsityWilliston at Century (O)W 72-34
2/3Varsityat Mandan (HS)W 68-42
2/7VarsitySt. Mary's at Century (O)W 74-38
2/14Varsityat Belcourt (HS)L 54-64
2/17Varsityat Jamestown (HS)W 76-46
2/20VarsityMinot at Century (O)W 52-39
2/26Varsityat Bismarck (Event Center)W 68-40
3/5 - 3/7VarsityWDA - Event CenterTBA
3/12 - 3/14Varsity State - Fargo DomeTBA
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Junior Varsity
12/05Junior VarsityCC Jamboree vs. Jamestown - CHS (O)W 71-47
12/6Junior Varsityat CC Jamboree vs. BelcourtW 82-19
12/11- 12/13Junior Varsityat Gillette WY TourneyW 68-41, L 55-60, W 56-42
12/18Junior VarsityMandan at Century (N)W 74-38
12/19Junior Varsityat Williston (HS)W 67-36
1/2Junior Varsityat St. Mary's (Main)W 56-31
1/6Junior Varsityat DickinsonW 69-18
1/9Junior VarsityBelcourt at Century (O)W 74-23
1/13Junior VarsityJamestown at Century (O)W 56-31
1/15Junior Varsityat Minot (MCC)W 59-27
1/22Junior VarsityBismarck (Event Center)W 60-41
1/29Junior VarsityDickinson at Century (O)W 76-23
1/31Junior VarsityWilliston at Century (N)W 79-39
2/3Junior Varsityat Mandan (HS)W 58-34
2/7Junior VarsitySt. Mary's at Century (O)W 72-43
2/14Junior Varsityat Belcourt (HS)W 66-50
2/17Junior Varsityat Jamestown (HS)W 52-31
2/20Junior VarsityMinot at Century (N)W 62-38
2/26Junior Varsityat Bismarck (Event Center)
2:30 p.m.
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Sophomore A
12/11 - 12/13Sophomore Aat Gillette WY TourneyW 48-36, W 52-41, L 44-48
12/19Sophomore Aat Williston (MS)W 63-24
12/22Sophomore AMandan at Century (N)W 55-50
1/2Sophomore Aat St Mary's (New)W 61-42
1/6Sophomore Aat DickinsonW 64-25
1/13Sophomore AJamestown at Century (N)W 39-31
1/15Sophomore Aat Minot (MCC)W 41-24
1/23Sophomore ABismarck at Century (O)W 53-27
1/29Sophomore A Dickinson at Century (N)W 55-17
2/3Sophomore Aat Mandan (HS)W 66-39
2/7Sophomore ASt Marys at Century (O)2:30 p.m.
2/16Sophomore Avs Legacy at Simle MSL 48-67
2/17Sophomore Aat Jamestown (MS)W 53-28
2/20Sophomore AMinot at Century (N)W 55-36
2/24Sophomore Aat Bismarck (K)7:30 p.m.
2/27- 2/28 TournamentMandan Middle SchoolTournament Schedule

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12/6Sophomore BCC Jamboree vs Williston JVW 59-36
12/15Sophomore Bat BHS (Karlgaard)W 61-33
12/30Sophomore BLegacy at Century (O)W 44-38
1/17Sophomore BHazen JV at Century (O)W 58-61
1/19Sophomore BLinton at Century (N)W 55-20
1/27Sophomore Bat Hazen JV (HS)W 46-37
2/2Sophomore BSolen at Century (N)W 63-34
2/16Sophomore Bvs. Legacy at Simle MSW 48-45
Freshman A
12/9Freshman Aat St. Mary's (New)W 63-32
12/22Freshman AMandan at Century (O)W 42-33
1/6Freshman ADickinson at Century (N)W 65-26
1/9Freshman A Belcourt at Century (O)W 81-23
1/15Freshman Aat Minot (CC)W 86-42
1/20Freshman ALegacy at Century (O)W 64-40
1/23Freshman ABismarck at Century (O)W 66-29
1/29Freshman Aat Dickinson5:15 p.m. CT
2/2Freshman Aat Mandan (HS)6:00 p.m.
2/14Freshman Aat Belcourt (Elem)1:00 p.m.
2/16Freshman Aat Legacy (Simle)1:30 p.m.
2/19Freshman AMinot at Century (N)7:30 pm
2/24Freshman Aat BHS (L)7:30 pm
2/27 - 2/28 TournamentSimle Middle SchoolTournament Schedule
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Freshman B
12/8Freshman Bat Solen (HS)W 52-45
12/15Freshman Bat BHS (K)W 55-16
12/26-12/27Freshman BWhite Shield; SolenW 45-34; W 44-36
1/6Freshman BDickinson at CenturyW 50-34
1/15Freshman BCentury at Minot (CC)W 57-30
1/17Freshman BHazen at Century (O)W 50-43
1/20Freshman BLegacy at Century (O)W 49-28
1/23Freshman BBismarck at Century (N)W 47-24
1/27Freshman Bat Hazen (HS)W 51-43
2/2Freshman BSolen at Century (N)W 66-55
2/7Freshman Bvs Linton at Hazelton (HS)L 63-34
2/14Freshman BCentury at BelourtL 52-44
2/16Freshman Bvs Legacy at SimleW 49-33
2/19Freshman BMinot at Century (N)W 56-27
2/24Freshman Bat Bismarck (L)L 42-35
2/27 - 2/28 TournamentSimle Middle SchoolTournament Schedule
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CHS Girls BB HomeCHS Girls BB Home


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