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Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines (pdf document)
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Thiery Henry playing soccer

Century High School Soccer Program (Boys)

Guidelines for Varsity and Varsity Reserve Teams

Varsity team selection will be made in the first two weeks from the first practice on August. Selection to Varsity is a privilege NOT a right. The selection will be made on the basis of:
  • Individual skills required for the position of interest. (Passing, receiving & distributing the ball accurately.)
  • Adaptability to a team concept of play, such as reading the game and awareness of your teammate's positional play.
  • Coachability.
  • Coach's evaluation and recommendations on the previous season.

Selection Format
Four CHS teams (if necessary) will be formed. One Varsity team, one Varsity Reserve team (which practices same time with the Varsity team) and two Junior Varsity teams (Red and Blue).
The selection of players to the Varsity, Varsity Reserve, or Junior Varsity will take three phases (First Day, Second day and Third Day Average).
  • After the selected the Varsity/Reserve teams, the rest of the players will be equally distributed to the two JV teams, red and blue.
  • The second leg of the season will be the selection of the players that make up the Varsity team with little changes if injuries happen . Of course this always depends on how many players we have in the reserve.
Selection to the Varsity team is not irreversible. During the course of the season, if the head coach and assistant coaches feel that a Junior Varsity player displays qualities, i.e. individual skills, team concept and coachability, which might exceed some of those selected Varsity players, the head coach will look at the player or players abilities and move them to Varsity or Reserve and vice versa.

In the event that there is not enough junior varsity players to make a team, Varsity players who do not routinely start may be asked to play on the junior varsity team. On some occasion, the head coach with the consent of the assistant coaches may request that JV players play in Varsity or Reserve games as well.

Who starts in Varsity, Varsity Reserve, or JV games and the duration each player plays is at the discretion of the Coaches. There is no guaranteed playing time on the Varsity or Varsity Reserve teams. The Junior Varsity coaches will ensure that all Junior Varsity players will have an opportunity to play in each game.

Should CHS qualify for the State Tournament, the roster for Varsity will be increased to 18 or up to 22 if necessary. Those selected to move up will be chosen on the basis of recommendations from the assistant coaches and personal observations of the head coach.

Practice for both the Varsity and Varsity Reserve teams will be held nightly at the designated practice facility (CHS fields) for each team from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. except for nights when games are scheduled. JV teams will practice depending on the preference and schedule of their respective coaches. Shin guards covered by socks are mandatory in practice and in games. Water and soccer balls are not provided by the school; therefore each player is responsible for bringing their own.

Attendance will be checked and is mandatory, the most important thing is commitment to the program. A Varsity or Reserve player who misses any practice without permission of the head coach will not start or play in the first half of the next game and if the player misses two practice days with/without permission will not play in the next game. A JV player who misses any practice also will see reduced playing time in the next game as per the coach's discretion. As mentioned, there is no guarantee equal playing time. JV coaches will make decisions based on attendance and practice work habits. They will see to it that all players play in each game, however, players who attend practice day in and day out with good work habits are likely to earn more playing time. Players with part time jobs are expected to schedule work around practice times and games. Tardiness to practice or pre-game warm-ups will not be tolerated.

No Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs shall be consumed. Consumption or possession of these substances will result in suspension (eight weeks) or dismissal from the program altogether.

Discipline. For the good of soccer, all laws and regulations should be followed, respect officials, respect coaches, respect opponents and respect all of your teammates. If any laws or regulations are violated, the coaches may take appropriate disciplinary action as they see it fit for the violation.

On Away Trips, which require an overnight stay, curfew, is 10:00 p.m. Curfew violation will result in disqualification from the next game. Players are expected to follow any requests of chaperones.

Varsity Letter Guidelines
  1. Play in at least two (2) halves of varsity games. Or four-year Junior Varsity player will automatically receive letter.
  2. Conform to training/practice regulations accordingly.
  3. Recommendation of the head coach will also be a determining factor.

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