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Hitting & Bunting

1) Mental toughness. Be tough at the plate.

2) Be aggressive and fierce.

3) Defeat the pitcher.

4) Never give an inch at the plate.

5) Be Ready.

6) Be a good two strike hitter. Choke up, shorten up your swing and put the ball in play. Hit to opposite field.

7) Hit the ball to the opposite field. Especially the low outside pitch.

8) If ahead in the count, look for your pitch. "Zone IN"

9) Put the ball in play. Don't strike out.

10) Hit the ball up the middle.

11) Hit the ball on the line or ground. You have a better chance of getting on base.

12) Pick up the signs from the coach after each pitch.

13) Be a great bunter.

14) Bunt first, then run.

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