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1) The catcher is the quarterback of the team. Think like a quarterback but play like a middle linebacker.

2) The catcher sets the tone of the game because the rest of the defense is looking at the catcher.

3) Communicate with the pitcher and the team.

4) Make defensive calls.

5) Block all pitches in the dirt.

6) Make cut-off calls.

7) Position fielders for good relays.

8) Call an intelligent game with each pitcher.

9) Know each pitchers strengths and weaknesses.

10) Check with coach after each pitch for any pitch calls or defensive plays.

11) Frame every pitch properly.

12) Back up first base on balls to infield with no runners on base.

13) Use proper catching mechanics when warming up a pitcher in the bullpen or between innings. Always use full gear.

14) Communicate with the umpire positively. Make him your friend. You will get more calls.

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