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1) Know the inning and game situation.

2) Be aggressive but intelligent.

3) After each pitch return to the base and pickup the coach's signs.

4) Get a good safe lead depending on the game situation.

5) Use a proper stance when taking a lead.

6) Pick up the coaches on the base paths.

7) Run out every hit ball hard.

8) Put pressure on the defense.

9) Break up the double play by sliding.

10) On deck hitter, communicate with the base runner at home plate.

11) Be certain the pitcher has the ball before stepping off the base after a pick-off attempt.

12) Runners on second base listen to the coach for help with the shortstop holding you. Your responsibility is the second baseman.

13) Study the pitcher's move to home and pick-off moves while in the dugout.

14) At third take a lead in foul territory unless an offensive play indicates differently.

15) Anticipate every pitch getting by the catcher.

16) Be aware of bad throws from the catcher to the pitcher.

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