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Links for United States History (WWII - Civil Rights)

U.S. History Semester II Links

Joseph Stalin (Mini Biol) (link)

Joseph Stalin (History Channel-3:00) (link)

Benito Mussolini (Mini Bio) (link)

Adolf Hitler (Mini Bio) (link)

OpenSecrets (Capitalism and the Wealthy vs. Communism) (link)

Mein Kampf (Video) (link)

Hitler Art (link)

Adolf Hitler Timeline (link)

Buck vs. Bell (link)

Buck vs. Bell (Court Case) (link)

Sterilization Testimony (Elaine Riddick) (link)

Japan vs. China-1931 and 1937 (link)

Japans invasion of China (Nanking Massacre-1937) (link)

Japans invasion of China (Nanking Massacre-Short Version-1937) (link)

Hitler and the Rhineland (link)

Hitler and Austria (link)

Mussolini and Ethopia (link)

Spanish Civil War (1936) (link)

Neutrality Laws (1935) (link)

U.S. Gunboat Panay Attacked (link)

U.S. Gunboat Panay Attacked (Short Version) (link)

Munich Conference (1938) (link)

Hitler Invades Poland (American View) (link)

Hitler Invades Poland (German View) (link)

Non-aggression Pact (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact-1939) (link)

Kristallnacht (link)

Einstein and the Bomb (link)

Einstein's Letter to FDR (link)

St. Louis (Holocaust) (link)

Elie Wiesel and Oprah (link)

Warsaw Ghetto (link)

Lend-Lease Act (link)

Selective Training and Service Act (1940) (link)

African Americans in WWII (Patriotism and Valor=Part 1) (link)

Navajo Code Talkers (link)

Code Talkers  (link)

U-boat WWII (link)

Atlantic Charter (Churchill) (link)

United Nations in Review (2015) (link)

Emperor Hirohito (Watch part 1 and 2) (link)

Army Nurse (WWII) (link)

African Americans in WWII (link)

A. Philip Randolph (link)

Manhattan Project (Modern Marvels) (link)

Manhattan Project (Episode 1) (link)

War Production Board (link)

Food Rationing during WWII (Great Britain) (link)

Liberty Ships (WWII) (link)

Battle of Stalingrad (Part 1 and look at part 6) (link)

Mussolini Executed (link)

Normandy Invasion (German Footage) (link)

Normandy Invasion (Color Footage)  (link)

Majdanek Concentration Camp (Soviet's found the 1st camp) (link)

Bataan Death March (Part 1) (link)

Doolittle Raids (link)

Iwo Jima (link)

Okinawa and Kamikaze (link)

WW II PTSD (link)

Truman tells Japanese to give up (June, 7 1945) (link)

Potsdam Decleration (July 26, 1945) (link)

Enola Gay Living Member Interview (link)

Hiroshima Bomb (link)

Yalta Conference (Feb 1945-War ended May 8) (link)

Rudolph Hess I (link)

Rudolph Hess II (link)

Japan Surrenders (Sept 2, 1947) (link)

Seviceman's Readjustment Act (link)

Rosie the Riveter (link)

Japanese Internment Camps (link)

Korematsu vs. U.S. (Part 1) (link)

North Dakota Internment Camp (link)

United Nations (link)

Potsdam Conference (July 16-Aug 2) (link)

Winston Churchill (Iron Curtain) (link)

Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan overview (link)

Truman Doctrine (March 12, 1947) (link)

Marshall Plan (1948) (link)

Berlin Airlift (June 1948 - May 1949) (link)

NATO (link)

Jews in Palestine (link)

Palestine/Israel Map (link)

Creation of Israel  (link)

Ben Gurion interview and others in the Middel East (link)

The Long March (Watch 4:00-6:45, 42:30-44:30, 55:00-60:00, 1:22-125:30) (link)

Douglas McArthur Farewell Speech (link)

North Korea's Official Website (link)

North Korea's Official News (link)

Secret State of North Korea (link)

What is a Communist (U.S. propaganda) (link)

House Committee on Un-American Activities and Nixon (link)

Hollywood Ten (link)

Rosenberg's Trial (link)

McCarthy Interview from 1952 (link)

Joseph McCarthy (Army-McCarthy Hearings)(Weltch vs. McCarthy)  (link)

Hydrogen Bomb (First test in U.S.-1952) (link)

North Dakota and the Cold War (Part 1 of 4) (link)

Radio-active Fallout (Kids) (link)

Preparing for a Terrorist Attack (link)

Duck and Cover: Bert the Turtle (link)

Operation Ajax (link)

Operation Ajax 1 (link)

Operation Ajax 2 (link)

United Fruit Company/Chiquita Bananas (link)

United Fruit Company and Guatemalan Gov't (link)

United Fruit Compant Guilty Plea (link)

Suez Crisis 1 (link)

Suez Crisis 2 (link)

Sputnik (link)

Vanguard Explosion (link)

Francis Gary Powers (link)

U-2 Flight (James May BBC) (link)

U-2 to the SR-71 Blackbird 1 (link)

U-2 to the SR-71 Blackbird 2 (link)

JFK Speech on Religion (link)

Obama Speech on Religion (link)

JFK vs. Nixon 1960 Debate (link)

JFK Inaugural Speech (link)

Peace Corps (link)

JFK Peace Corps Speech (U of Michigan) (link)

MLK and JFK (link)

Castro vs. Batista (link)

Bay of Pigs (link)

Berlin Wall (3D) (link)

Cuban Missile Crisis (link)

Yuri Gagarin (1961) (link)

JFK and the moon (Sept 1962) (link)

Moon Landing Overview (CBS news coverage) (link)

Neil Armstrong (1969) (link)

JFK Digital Depiction of Shooting (link)

JFK deaths (Cronkite) (link)

JFK Slow Motion Assassination Footage (link)

JFK's Death (Interview with Abraham Zapruder) (link)

JFK Autopsy Photos (link)

JFK Oswald Killed by Jack Ruby (link)

Johnson Treatment (link)

Lyndon Johnson Daisy Commercial (link)

LBJ War on Poverty (link)

LBJ and Medicare (link)

LBJ and Dominican Republic (link)

Dominican Republic (U.S. Marines) (link)

Jim Crow (link)

Brown vs. Board (link)

Thurgood Marshall Interview (link)

Governor Orval Faubus (Little Rock Nine) (link)

Rosa Parks (link)

Montgomery Bus Boycott (link)

Freedom Riders (link)

Freedom Riders (today) (link)

Freedom Riders (Governor John Patterson of Alabama) (link)

Freedom Riders (American Experience) (link)

Black Lives Matter (link)

Emmitt Tills death (1955 in Mississippi) (link)

James Meredith (University of Mississippi-1962) (link)

Police chief Bull Conor (Alabama) (link)

JFK integration for the University of Alabama (Governor George Wallace-1963) (link)

Medgar Evers (link)

MLK (I Have a Dream-1963)(start at 12:20) (link)

Birmingham, Alabama church bombing (link)

Freedom Summer (Mississippi-1964) (link)

MFDP (link)

Selma, Alabama March-1965 (link)

Lyndon Johnson's (Voting Rights Speech-1965) (link)

Watt's Riots (link)

MLK and Vietnam (link)

Malcolm X (Black Nationalism) (link)

Malcolm X (Why he left Black Muslims) (link)

Malcolm X (Assassination) (link)

Stokely Carmichael (Black Power) (link)

Stokely Carmichael (Newton's Birthday) (link)

Black Panthers (link)

MLK's Assassination (link)

RFK Assassination (link)

Hippie Movement (link)

Timothy Leary (LSD) (link)

Timothy Leary (Today) (link)

Jimi Hendrix Interview (link)

Jimi Hendrix Woodstock (link)

Janis Joplin Interview (link)

Janis Joplin Woodstock (link)

Birth Control 1960s Pill (link)

Richard Nixon Silent Majority Speech 1969 (link)

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