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Links for United States History (Industrialization - New Deal)

Interesting Links Semester I

Major Court Cases (Excellent) (link) (link)

Easy Bib (link)

National Debt Clocks and Savings Clocks (link)

Inflation Calculator (link)

Drake and Rockefeller Oil 1 (link)

Drake and Rockefeller Oil 2 (link)

Marquis De Mores (link)

Credit Mobilier Scandal (link)

Enron vs. Credit Mobilier (link)

J.P. Morgan (link)

James Duke (American Tobacco Company) (link)

John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil) and The Sherman Antitrust Act (1890)  (link)

John D. Rockefeller and Oil Companies (link)

GNP of Countries (link)

Child Labor (link)

Jacob Riis (link)

Triangle Fire (link)

AFL-CIO (link)

IWW (link)

Haymarket Riot 1 (link)

Haymarket Riot 2 (link)

Haymarket Riot 3 (link)

Patriot Act (link)

Pullman Porters (link)

Changes in Advertising (Bud) (link)

Ellis Island Directory of Names  (link)

Ellis Island Musuem (link)

Immigration Test (link)

Salvation Army (link)

Boss Tweed (link)

Tom Delay (Republican Boss) (link)

Rutherford Hayes (link)

Campaign Financing (Open Secrets) (link)

Reconstruction in the South (link)

National Grange (link)

Money (Debt) (link)

Graduated Incone Tax (Tax Laws) (link)

Florence Kelley (link)

Scientific Management (link)

Government Reform (link)

Galveston Texas Hurricane Info (link)

Yellowstone National Park (link)

Upton Sinclair (link)

FDA (link)

TR and Conservation (link)

TR Speech (link)

Ken Burns (National Parks) (link)

Gifford Pinchot (link)

Federal Trade Commission (Wilson Established) (link)

Federal Reserve Act (Banks and Board)  (link)

Federal Reserve System Fractured (link)

Edward Griffin and the Feds (link)

Andrew Jackson and the Reserve Banks (link)

16th Amendment (link)

19th Amendment (link)

NAACP (link)

Seward's Folly (link)

Overthrow of Hawaii (link)

Sanford B. Dole and the Overthrow of Hawaii's Monarchy (link)

Dole's response to President Cleveland (link)

Dole Company Today (link)

Monroe Doctine 1 (link)

De Lome Letter (link)

Spanish American War 1 (link)

Spanish American War 2 (link)

Spanish American War 3 (Maine) (link)

Spanish American War (Summary) (link)

Puerto Rico Commonwealth (link)

Guantanamo Bay Video (link)

Guantanamo Bay: Shut Down (link)

Waterboarding (Bush) (link)

Waterboarding (Ventura) (link)

Waterboarding (Tenet) (link)

Boxer Rebellion (link)

Mexican Revolution 1910 (link)

Mexico's Leaders (link)

Archduke Francis Ferdinand and wife Killed (part 2) (link)

Archduke Francis Ferdinand and wife Killed (part 3) (link)

Schlieffen Plan (3:50) (link)

Secrets of WWI (1 of 5-good overview) (link)

Battle of the Somme (link)

Battle of Somme (BBC) (link)

Shell Shock (link)

Shell Shock Harry Farr (link)

Mustard Gas (link)

History of Machine Gun (link)

PTSS (link)

Sergeant Alvin York (link)

U-boat WWI (link)

Zimmerman Note (link)

Selective Service Act of 1917 (link)

Merchant Marine (link)

Merchant Marine Academy  (link)

Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevic Revolution 1917 (Biography-start at 23 min and 31 min) (link)

Dupont Company (link)

Dupont Video (link)

WWI Propaganda (link)

Espionage Act Congressional Debate (Shield Act-start at 26 min) (link)

Inside the mind of Edward Snowden (link)

Julian Assange and Wikileaks (link)

Treaty of Versailles (1919) (link)

Palmer and the Red Scare (link)

FBI (link)

J Edgar Hoover (link)

Sacco and Vanzetti (link)

Seattle General Strike (link)

Japan invades Manchuria-1931 (link)

Calvin Coolidge (Film with Sound) (link)

Ameiia Earhart (Vega Plane) (link)

Lockheed Martin (link)

PanAm (link)

Prohibition (link)

Marijuana Prohibition (link)

Mother Jones Magazine (link)

Billy Sunday Preacher (link)

Aimee McPherson Preacher (link)

Scopes Monkey Trial (link)

Flapper (link)

Amos & Andy (Radio) (link)

Jimmy Fallon (Donald Trump-2015) (link)

Margaret Sanger Birth Control (7:32) (link)

Babe Ruth and Charles Lindbergh (link)

Charles Lindbergh (link)

Jazz Singer Video (link)

Steamboat Willie Video (link)

George (1937) and Ira (1983) Gershwin (lyrics from 1928) (link)

F. Scott Fitzgerald (link)

Marcus Garvey (link)

Louis Armstrong (link)

Make a teenager a millionare (link)

Glenn Beck Housing Bubble (link)

Low interest rates could hurt the economy (link)

Five problems with low interest rates (link)

Great Depression (Overview) (link)

Insider Trading Sam Waksal-Imclone (modern) (link)

Insider Trading in Congress (Modern) (link)

Lessons from the Great Depression (link)

Investing Definitions (Small, Mid, Growth, ect) (link)

Auto industry ripple effect (link)

Morningstar (link)

Hoovervilles (link)

Scottsboro: An American Tradegy (link)

Scottsboro Boys 1 (link)

Scottsboro Boys 4 (link)

Scottsboro Boys 5 (link)

Scottsboro Boys 6 (link)

Scottsboro Boys 9 (link)

Dust Bowl Footage (Surviving the Dust Bowl) (link)

The Lone Ranger (Radio) (link)

Boulder/Hoover Dam (link)

Glass-Steagall Act Repealed 1999 (link)

Bonus Army I (link)

Bonus Army II (link)

Fireside Chats (link)

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (link)

Court Packing Fireside Chat (link)

Wagner Act (NIRA provision reestablished) (link)

Social Security Act (1935) (link)

Marian Anderson (link)

War of the Worlds (Part 1) (link)

Hindenburg Explosion (1937) (link)

TVA (link)

Oil Imports to the U.S. (pdf document)
File Size: 34.97 kb

Oil Reduction in the U.S. (pdf document)
File Size: 168.57 kb

China effect on the U.S. I (pdf document)
File Size: 234.84 kb

China effect on the U.S. II (pdf document)
File Size: 98.42 kb

German Embassy Warns U.S. (pdf document)
File Size: 329.92 kb

Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points (pdf document)
File Size: 237.35 kb

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