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Interesting Sociology Websites

ProQuest (link)

ProQuest may require a code, which you can get from the media specialist (Librarian)

Major Court Cases (Excellent) (link)

Sociology: Macionis 8th Edition (Excellent and Unique) (link)

Online study guide to the textbook.

Sociology: Macionis 10th Edition (Excellent and Unique) (link)

Online study guide to the textbook.

Macionis Textbook Used at CHS (link)

Macionis's Website (link)

David Berkowitz Homepage: Son of Sam (link)

Tolerance: Hidden Bias Tests (link)

Multiculturalism Threatens America (link)

The American Tradition of Multicultarlism (link)

Personality Test (link)

Court TV (link)

FYI: This link will offer two solutions

CourtTV News is now on and CourtTv's primetime shows based on real-life stories is on

Crime Library: Serial Killers  (link)

Famous Criminals and Outlaws (link)

Ice Man Video (stop at 36:15) (link)

Bowling for Columbine (link)

Risk of Being Affected by Crime Test  (link)

Sexuality Test (Right vs. Left Brain Thinker)  (link)

Psychology Test and Surveys (link)

AllPsych Journal: Nature vs. Nurture  (link)

China grapples with sex ratio (link)

Proxemics: getting through customs  (link)

Pornography's Link to Violence (link)

Kingsley Davis: A Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation (pdf document)
File Size: 2799.89 kb

Magnus Hirschfeld Conformity and Deviance (pdf document)
File Size: 52.4 kb

Socioeconomics and Education Fact Sheet (pdf document)
File Size: 192.87 kb

Socioeconomics and Education (pdf document)
File Size: 333.68 kb

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