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Course Description:

Sociology will challenge the common thoughts/beliefs we have about ourselves, the world, and the people we encounter each day. I will present information and incorporate examples that will relate to your life, not just facts, dates, and theorists. This course will enable you to better understand society by examining human behavior.

Examples of what will be discussed in class:

How does American culture differ from other cultures? Why are people uncomfortable when others get too close? How do people respond when they feel uncomfortable? How do groups affect people? Why are many Americans willing to conform? What is considered "normal" in society and why? Why have stereotypes for various groups been created and how can we challenge those beliefs? Why are some Americans racists, while others are accepting? Which group in America commits most of the crimes, and the most important question is why? Why are marriages failing? Are the values/morals in America changing? Why is American culture changing? Why are you like your parents (nature/nurture)? These are simple questions, but the answers can and will be unique. YOUR INPUT IS ESSENTIAL!

Special Note:

If you are not interested in using your mind and taking ownership of your educational experience, then I encourage you to seek out a different class. The atmosphere in this class is completely determined by the students. You have to be open-minded but also opinionated. You have to be willing to share your life experiences, good and bad. You must be honest and open and willing to work with others. You and your classmates will determine the excitement or lack of excitement in this class. This truly is a thinking class, which offers you the chance to analyze yourself and the people you encounter. You will find yourself sharing information in this class that you probably would not normally share with anybody else. Sharing your opinion is of the utmost importance in sociology. I guarantee that you will not always agree with the information presented in class. At times you may become frustrated and say to yourself, "It's not that way in our house or I don't think that way or believe that." Always remember, the information presented to you comes out of a college textbook and is based on legitimate sociological research. You don't have to agree with all the information. As a matter of fact, I hope you don't agree with all the information presented, because your opinions/arguments are exciting and encouraged. Remember, if you express your opinions, share personal experiences, and ask questions, the class will be much more fulfilling and enjoyable for everyone. I hope you enjoy the unique information you will be exposed to and the style in which this class is taught.

There are no simple answers to the questions and topics we discuss. We often think the answers to our problems and the many tribulations in the world are simple, but that is true only because we often fail to look beyond what we see on the surface.


Grades will be based on the total number of points you have earned divided by the total points offered for one nine weeks period, which will equal your percentage.

Example of a possible percentage/letter grade scale:
A= 100-92
B= 91-83
C= 82-74
D= 73-65
F= 64% and below

(+ and - will be assessed)

Late Work:

I will not accept school work that is one day late without a good excuse. Consistently trying to turn in late work will earn you a zero.

Unexcused absence(s):

If you decide to skip class or school, you will not be allowed to make-up any missed assignments or tests. You will earn a zero for the day!

Excused absence(s):

You are responsible for asking other students about possible assignments you may have missed and the dates the assignments are due. I will not remind you to hand in your work, so be responsible!

Sleeping in class:

If you can not stay awake in class, you will be asked to leave the room and report to the office. Do not be disrespectful!

Books and notebooks:

You will not receive books in this class. Notes will be given in class throughout the entire semester. Please don't say "Notes Again!" You will quickly discover that we cover very few not within a day, if you openly discuss the information presented to you each day. We will have speakers and videos. Bring your notebook to class every day. Quizzes, tests, and the final test will come directly from the notes, projects, and readings.


Please be seated by the time the bell rings. Stay in your seats until the bell rings or I excuse you.


Every test, quiz, worksheet, and project is extremely important, because you will have very few grades. Why? Because we do not use books, I will not give you extensive reading assignments or questions to answer out of a book. Please do not forget this key point.

Classroom Expectations

  1. Please participate (This is essential in order to make this course interesting)
  2. Respect others
  3. Be kind
  4. Be responsible

What you can expect from me:

As a teacher, it is my job to guide you during your high school education. I am always open to suggestions and I am willing to assist you whenever possible. Please do not be afraid to ask for extra help, ask questions, or give suggestions. Remember, participation is extremely important. We will learn together!

Aileen Video Permission Slips

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Issued 8/13/2012

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A parent and/or guardian needs to sign this if their child is not allowed to watch the film.

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