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Links and Resources (link)

Federalist #10 (link)

Federalist #51 (link)

Federalist #78 (link)

Political Parties (link)

Youth Leadership (Bill to Law) (link)

The Center on Congress (Indiana) (link)

We the People (link)

U.S. Constitution (link)

Library of Congress (Look at current bills) (link)

John Locke's Essays (link)

Federalist Papers (link)

Faithless Electors (link)

Bill Becomes a Law (In-depth) (link)

Articles of Confederation (link)

Anti-Federalist Papers (link)

Easy Bib (link)

Chronology of Federalist/Anti-federalist Papers (link)

Avalon Project/Constitution (link)

Magna Carta (link)

Petition of Right (link)

Mayflower Compact (link)

Iroquois Confederation (link)

Was Resistance to British Taxation Justified? (link)

Declaration of Independence (link)

Treaty of Paris (1783) (link)

Articels of the Confederation vs. the Constitution (link)

Immigration Test (link)

The Rocky Road of American Taxation (link)

Federalism: Save us from the States (pdf document)
File Size: 1325.66 kb

Federalism: Putting Bush to the Test and Real-Life Federalism (pdf document)
File Size: 765.27 kb

The Price they Paid (bmp document)
File Size: 1877.93 kb

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