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Global Studies

Online Textbook

Online Textbook

Login: bhhorizon
Password: global9

Class schedule for the week of: November 28 - December 2
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Global Studies Start Cold War notes, CNN News DOG #1 Europe quiz, Restructuring the post war world worksheet Cold War notes, work on worksheets Cold War notes, worksheet due England travel video

Blank Notes

unit 1 background blank notes (doc document)
File Size: 23 kb

unit 1 industrial revolution blank notes (ocx document)
File Size: 13.06 kb

unit 2 WWI blank notes (ocx document)
File Size: 16.04 kb

unit 3 WWII blank notes (ocx document)
File Size: 17.06 kb

unit 4 cold war blank notes (ocx document)
File Size: 18.68 kb

Unit 5 India notes blank (ocx document)
File Size: 15.11 kb

unit 5 notes China blank (ocx document)
File Size: 18.43 kb

Unit 6: The Middle East blank notes (ocx document)
File Size: 17.62 kb

Unit 7 Japan blank notes (ocx document)
File Size: 14.46 kb

PowerPoint Notes

Background Information powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 552.32 kb

unit 1 industrial revolution powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 9654.89 kb

unit 2 WWI powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 23986.84 kb

unit 3 WWII powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 30441.13 kb

unit 4 cold war powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 45683.55 kb

Unit 5 China powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 1609.56 kb

Unit 5 India powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 3312.07 kb

Unit 6: The Middle East Powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 22848.5 kb

Unit 7 Japan Powerpoint (ptx document)
File Size: 759.87 kb

Study Guides/Project Guidelines

WWI study Guide (ocx document)
File Size: 11.67 kb

WWII Study Guide (ocx document)
File Size: 13.85 kb

Cold War study guide (ocx document)
File Size: 11.99 kb

Semester 1 Final Test Study Guide (ocx document)
File Size: 12.23 kb

Middle East Study Guide (ocx document)
File Size: 12.39 kb

Africa Project Guidelines (doc document)
File Size: 22 kb

India Study Guide (ocx document)
File Size: 11.88 kb

China Study Guide (ocx document)
File Size: 11.76 kb

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