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PE 10 Course Syllabus

Welcome to Century High School and physical education class. Physical education is an important part of the total educational curriculum here at CHS and it can contribute to success in academics. You will be given the opportunity in this class to participate regularly in physical activity and learn to value physical activity and it's contribution to a healthy lifestyle. You will develop the knowledge and skill to promote health and fitness throughout your life so you can truly become fit to achieve.

Grade 10 Course Syllabus- updated 1/91/17 (pdf document)
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PE 10 Activities
Personal Fitness Soccer Volleyball Basketball
Concepts of Fitness Table Tennis Pickleball Softball
Dance Minor Sports Broomball/Snowshoe Badminton

Daily Assessment Expectaitons

The expectations to receive full credit for daily participation are:

*Dressed and on-time for class
*Excellent participation, sportsmanship & cooperation
*Exhibits responsible personal behavior & social interaction
*On task the entire class period


Grading Scale
A: 100-92%
B: 91-84%
C: 83-75%
D: 74-65%
F: Below 65%

Make-up Procedures:

Communication is key!
*Students must complete and turn in make-up within 5 school days of the absence! If possible do make-up prior to known absences!
A. Participate in a CHS sponsored physical activity outside of class time and complete the blue PE make-up form (if in doubt verify with your teacher)
B. Arrange to participate in activity before or after school or on a free period. Tutorial- Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:15 am or any day after school from 3:45-5:00 om.

Forms available in the PE Hallway

Proper Dress

You are allowed 5 minutes prior to class to dress and each student MUST change into appropriate clothing. For indoor activities you should wear the physical education t-shirt, gym shorts or sweats, socks and gym shoes. For outdoor activities warm-ups or sweat suits are acceptable. Students are reminded to dress warmly for winter outdoor activities. Students will be given adequate time to change and shower at the end of the class period.

Medical Excuse

The student is responsible for visiting with the instructor prior to class if their condition will affect class participation and/or performance. Activities will be modified if necessary. A written, dated doctor's excuse is required for exemption from activity and medical absences of this nature will require written work or modified activity. Doctor's excuses should state the activities that should be limited or avoided and also those that the student is able to participate in during class.

running up stairs


Students will…
-Be on time for class -Dress out daily in appropriate clothes
-Follow rules and be responsible
-Display a positive attitude

Safety Precautions

Students are not allowed in the gym, classroom, weight room, or wrestling room without proper supervision. Furthermore, at no point in this class should a student put a classmate or themselves at risk for serious injury. This can be avoided by participating at the appropriate level while being aware of ones surroundings.

"The more days you walk and run, the more days you will have to walk and run."

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