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The requirements for lettering in choir at CHS are:

1. Participate in the WDA Music Festival and/or State Music Festival

2. Audition and/or participate in another festival i.e. NDMEA All State, Northwest Festival, BSC Choirfest, U of Mary Jazz Festival, etc. and other festivals that come up during the school year.

3. Attendance at community or school musical events-a minimum of 3 per semester and /or private voice lessons or instrument lessons. A one page description of the performance attended will need to be stapled to the program you turn in to your director. Also, if you're a member of CDCC this would satisfy this portion of the criteria.

4. Must be a member in good standing of the ensemble.
Member in good standing status is based on the following:

i. Eligibility
ii. Maintainence of a 3.5 average in choir
iii. Appropriate behavior in the ensemble at all times
iv. Classroom effort/cooperation must be good.
v. No unexcused absences from concerts

Each student wishing to be considered for a letter during their years at CHS, should make Mrs. Archuleta aware of your decision to work on a letter. All materials should be turned in to her. A deadline will be set each year (some time in late April or early May) as to when all criteria must be met.

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