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Please read the following to understand classroom policy.

DAILY POINTS: Daily points will be given at the rate of 3 points/day with good classroom participation. (If these things aren't observed your points are not awarded. When two or three days of classroom points are gone, you are automatically reduced a letter grade. ) Remember: Points can be made up any time if an appointment is made with Mrs. Archuleta.

Classroom participation includes these things:

-Pick up folder/pencil on your way into class. Put away at END of class.
-Sit down immediately as there are many students in this class.
-Fill your water bottle PRIOR to the beginning of choir. Plan ahead. (Once you're seated, please do NOT get up for water unless it's really deemed necessary by Mrs. A. Failure to observe this will result in immediate loss of all three daily points.)
-No food or gum in classroom. Period.

-All Singers warm up their voices as rehearsal begins.
-Appropriate attentiveness to director, student teacher, including student director/officers.
-Participation in rehearsal procedures, such as physical and mental readiness, following instructions and directions QUICKLY, referring to the materials we're working on, etc.
-All singers must use qualities of citizenship such as self-control, responsibility, tolerance of one another and cooperation. Simply put....NO TALKING during rehearsal!!! If you want to be a good choir, all singers must listen while others are working out parts. Most of what is said to one voice part applies to all voice parts, so it's really imperative to listen well.

Several assignments will be given each quarter. This will range from 5-30 points each and will be things like returning a form by a certain date, attending a scheduled SECTIONAL, etc. Assignments will almost always be given orally, with a reminder on the board in our room. If you get your assignment done on time, you receive full credit. If assignment requirements aren't met, zero points are awarded. There's no "in between" on this. A 20 point sectional, for example can make the difference between an A or a B. Stay on top of this--it really affects your grade!!!

Concerts are worth 15-20 points each. The number of concerts we do each year varies, thus the total concert points vary as well. An Excused Absence will be granted only if prior consent has been given by Mrs. Archuleta. When a concert is missed FOR ANY REASON, a report must be done. (3 pages, typed on an agreed upon topic, and due to Mrs. A the day after the concert takes place.) In the event of illness, the student will work out the due date w/Mrs. A to receive points. I will not chase after you to do this make up report. If it isn't in, all points are lost, which results in a full letter grade reduction. In addition, each student must wear proper concert attire to our performances, and to be in the Choir Room at the given Call Time.

Proper Attire for Concerts

Men: Black dress pants--NOT jeans, black dress shoes-NOT athletic shoes, and black dress socks, t-shirt to go under choir robe.

Women: Black character shoes purchased at the beginning of the school year, Suntan/Tan hosiery, and light t-shirt, (and shorts if you wish, to go under choir robe.) Jewelry will be kept to a bare miminum. Simple and understated is the rule.

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Any Choral Music student always has the opportunity to make up points at any time if they make an appointment with Mrs. Archuleta to do so. As always, if a student is ill, no daily points are taken away, but if you miss a large chuck of time, it is important to try to stay in touch so I can help you keep up with our music.

If you aren't feeling well during rehearsal or concert events, the most important thing to do is TELL ME immediately. It is important that you communicate with me regarding this issue for several reasons: 1) Active participation in choir is really a major part of your grade and if you're not singing due to a bad throat, or something else, I need to be told that is the situation, and 2) Your effort to communicate with me either by raising your hand and giving me the throat "sign" or by quickly telling me as you enter class is the way we'll handle this since we have large classes that come in and out of our room. I am very concerned about everyone's vocal health, including my own, and since we have big groups this year, I know using a couple of these shortcuts will help us cut down on excessive talking and efficiency between classes. I will give many tips on Vocal Health during our time together. Your voice is a precious and fragile thing.

As a member of the CHS Student body you will use school supplies and this includes folders and music. Students will be assigned a folder to share with a partner and some may have their own folder/music depending which class you're in. You are responsible for the folder and it's contents...or be charged for it if lost.

Using BPS PowerGrade, I will calculate your grade each grading period. My grading scale is as follows: 100-94 (A), 93-88 (B), 87-81 (C), 80-75(D), and under 75 is an F.

I would invite all students to drop by my office whenever possible to visit, ask questions, or just say "Hi". Visiting with you, one on one, allows me the opportunity to get to know you! As your choir director, my goals and mission center on providing you with opportunities to learn while performing/rehearsing wonderful choral music. Ask questions when you want to know more, and I will do my very best to give you the best possible choral experience! Together we'll all have a great school year! Thank you and your parents for selecting Choral Music as your're gonna love it!!

Mary Pat Archuleta
Choral Director
CHS Music Office
Phone: 323.4900 Ext. 6653

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