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Algebra II

Algebra II Classroom Information (doc document)
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Algebra II Week 1 Assignments
  Section Assignment
Monday no school  
Tuesday Section 1.1 Subsets of Real Numbers Video
Watch video and take notes on the back of the Subsets of the Real Numbers Handout
pg6(7, 8)(classify each number using the subsets of the real numbers and graph on one number line)
Wednesday Section 1.1 pg6(12-16even, 26-30even)
Thursday Section 1.1 pg7(31-38, 41-47)
Friday Section 1.1 1.1 Review WS
1.1 Quiz
1.1 Homework and Notes Check

Online Textbook
Username: firstname_lastname
Ex: Username: joe_smith
Password: lastname
Ex: smith
Activation Code: see teacher

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