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Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

9th Grade Math Syllabus

Teacher: Mrs. Marcy Feickert
Room #: 218
Text: Algebra I or Algebra I Yr 1
Phone: 323-4900 Ext. 6534

Class Schedule:

Before School: Tuesday and Thursday tutoring from 7:30-8:20am
Period 1: Algebra I
Period 2: Algebra I
Period 3: Algebra I
Period 4: Plan
Period 5: Algebra I Yr. 1
Period 6: Lunch/Advisory (Tutoring Wednesday and Friday from 1:20-1:40pm)
Period 7: Algebra I Yr. 1
Period 8: Plan/Tutor

Course Description:

Both Algebra I courses are aligned to the ND Common Core State Standards. The curriculum conceptual categories included are: 1) The Real Number System, 2) Structure in Expressions, 3) Arithmetic with Polynomials and Rational Expressions, 4) Writing and Solving Equations, Inequalities and Systems, 5) Understand, Interpret, Analyze and Build Functions, 6) Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Models.

Classroom Procedures:

What do I do if I missed school?
It is your responsibility to ask for make-up work if you are absent. You have two days for every day gone to make up your homework.
If you are gone for a school related function (sports, music, etc…) you need to get your assignments ahead of time! You are RESPONSIBLE to have that work COMPLETED when you return.

Why homework?
I will assign daily practice problems for you to work on at home or during class time. I firmly believe that "Practice makes Permanent!" There are a lot of apps that will help you with your homework if you get stuck. If you use apps to "do" your homework, you are only hurting yourself. Just think about it… how do you get better at making free throws in basketball if your coach shoots all of the for you?

How will I be graded?
Grades in class will be weighted as follows:
Homework/Group Work/Class Participation- 20%
Daily Assessments- 20%
Quizzes- 20%
Tests- 40%

Century High School Grading Scale
92-100 A
83-91 B
74-82 C
65-73---------- D
64 or below--- F

What do I need to bring to class?
• Mechanical pencils (~50)
• Notebook or loose leaf paper for homework
• Graph paper for homework
• College ruled composition notebook for taking notes
• Binder w/ dividers ("D" ring)
• Textbook (if you opted to take one)
• Calculator (optional) (I provide TI-30s in the classroom)
• Planner
• Smiling face eager to learn

Please remember Mrs. Feickert's Cardinal rules and you will be on the right track to success in MATH!

Let's have a great school year!!

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