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Behavior Continuum

Behavior Continuum

At Centennial we believe in learning from our mistakes. We have a 3 step process that we use in response to behavior. We look at this as a learning opportunity and try to have as much student involvement with it as possible.

Although many teacher implement a behavior system they use in their classroom this is our school-wide response to fixing behavior.

30-Second Intervention: When a student has a mild misbehavior we take the teachable opportunity to have a conference with the student and talk about what happened and how we need to correct the behavior.

Fix-It Plan: After the behavior has continued and the child has been spoken to or if the behavior was severe enough a student will have a Fix-It Plan written up. This is preferable done with the student and a conversation about how we can make better choices and how we can make the situation better. It can result in a loss of privileges. Your child's teacher will be contacting you to let you know a plan was filled out. This might be through email or phone call.

Office Discipline Referral (ODR): After a few Fix-It Plans or if the behavior was severe enough an ODR will be filled out. This is completed by the reporter or the person who witnessed the event and the paperwork is given to our principal. She will meet with the student and parents will be contacted though a phone call. If the behavior continues we will work to complete a behavior plan to ensure each students' success.

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