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Classroom Policies

Return Friday Folders on Monday mornings.

Friday Folders

Our classroom will utilize Friday Folders in order to promote school/home communication. Watch for the folders on Fridays, review contents, sign and/or comment on the blue form, and return the folder on Monday. The folders work great for students to be able to review the week's assignments, seek feedback, and showcase their learning to you.

Please check those planners.

Planners and Communication

Students will again be given planners. Assignments will be posted on the board, and students will be required to copy the assignments into the planners as well as any other important information. The week's agenda will be posted every Monday. Please consult the planner for due dates of long-term assignments or upcoming tests, projects, important events, etc. Planners will be checked at the end of each day. Please check and initial the planners periodically as well. The only way for students to learn organizational skills is for us as adults to model the skill. Learning and utilizing this organizational skill now will alleviate much pressure and stress later for both student and parent. Please also be on the lookout for monthly classroom newsletters, which will be delivered to your email inbox. The newsletters will offer information, important reminders, and tips for parents. Occasionally, I will also send emails with important information. Thanks to those of you who were willing to share your addresses with me. Please also utilize our class website, which provides calendars, schedules, and other important information.

paper and pencil


Every content area consists of instruction and work time. There will also be a small "study time" at the end of the day. If any assignments are not completed during these times, the assignments then become homework and are due before the tardy bell the next morning. Homework will occasionally be assigned to be completed at home, as well as studying for upcoming tests, practicing math facts, and reading. My philosophy is that kids need time to be kids and enjoy playing outside, being involved with sports teams, or taking music lessons. Therefore, we will work hard during the day to avoid excess homework.


Snacks and Water Bottles

We will have a snack time in the morning during work time. Students are responsible for their own snacks should they choose to bring a snack from home. Please refer to the healthy snack policy; no beverages. Please remember this is a snack, not a meal. Water bottles may be kept at desks as long as the bottles are returned home regularly for cleaning.

Birthday Celebrations

Bismarck Public Schools is striving to help our students make healthier lifestyle choices. To celebrate on your child's actual or half birthday, Centennial 5th graders will have an opportunity to celebrate their birthday in a special way. Instead of sweet treats on every student's birthday, we are offering students an opportunity to choose a ten minute indoor or outdoor activity, depending on weather, for their special birthday treat. We want to honor each student in a special way!

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