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Monthy Newsletter


Things to Know

* In math, we are continuing to focus on operations of fractions. We will practice our skills with various art and writing projects connected to fractions.

* We will soon be celebrating our 100th day of school. Actually, in fifth grade, we are working our way to 1 by counting by hundredths.

* February is National Reading Month. Please post the calendar in a central location as there are many exciting events taking place. This was in your child's Friday Folder. Also, make sure your child is recording his/her reading minutes and return the form each Monday.

* In Social Studies, students formed colonies by working in teams. Thankfully, all of our colonies survived. We are now looking closely at three specific colonies. It is interesting to make connections to our own experiences in the Discovery simulation to what we are reading about with each colony.

* In science, we have started our new unit called Living Systems. We are looking at how living organisms survive and thrive and how all parts of the ecosystem are connected. Lots of good connections are being made.

* In writing, we are studying narrative writing. We are looking at characteristics of narrative and what makes good narrative writing. We will publish several pieces in this genre.

* In reading, we are looking closely at the genre of historical fiction and making inferences with both fiction and nonfiction texts. Students are reading the historical fiction text, I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic. We are also researching facts about the Titanic and will create an informational poster demonstrating our learning. Students will also become a passenger of the Titanic and learn about his/her destiny, which will become a historical fiction piece of writing. Lots of fun connections.


Tips for Parents

* Encourage your child to check over all assignments before handing assignments in. Oftentimes, by reading them first, simple mistakes will be found and corrected, especially in writing.

* Have your child READ every night from a chapter book! This is a great bedtime routine for all ages.

* Many students are running low on school supplies, such as pencils and glue sticks. Please check with your child.

* Is it too early to think spring? We will soon see what the groundhog has to say! BONUS: Who will be matching up in this year's Super Bowl?

* Our Valentine's Day celebration will be held on February 14th. We will be decorating bags for the valentines at school. If your child wishes to bring valentines, please send one for all 24 kids. A class list is attached. Please send non-peanut treats only!

* Spring conferences are right around the corner. Please schedule your time using the instructions in your child's Friday Folder. You will also be receiving information to complete prior to conferences.

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