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Monthy Newsletter


Things to Know

* In Math, we started the year with a review of 4th grade skills. Now, students will be thinking mathematically. We will be working to become experts on using the standard algorithm to solve multiplication problems.

* Students have also been investigating the eight Mathematical Practices. These are skills all mathematicians use in order to solve problems accurately and efficiently. We especially find Mathematical Practice 1 of persevering when solving problems important.

* In reading, we have been setting the stage by investigating reading strategies in the areas of fiction and nonfiction. We also spend a great deal of time discussing strategies good readers use. Our reading notebook has become a reading toolbox of strategies and skills to help us be more efficient readers. Be on the lookout for your child's reading notebook in the next week or so. We have come the agreement ALL careers require reading on some level so it is very important to keep practicing to be a great reader. We practice our own reading stamina with read-to-self every day. I have also enjoyed listening to each student read orally.

* In Social Studies, we have completed our study on reading maps. Our current focus is early Native Americans. We are also in the middle of learning the locations of the 50 states. Please help your child prepare for the weekly tests.

* In writing, we have been making our writer's notebooks our own. We are growing our writing stamina and writing about what matters to us.

* BONUS opportunity! Did Mrs. Bullock grow up as a "city mouse" or a "country mouse"? Write your answer on your Friday Folder slip.

* Centennial is continuing a program called Second Steps. The purpose of the program is to provide our students with strategies for citizenship. Several times per month, students will be introduced to a new strategy through a short video, discussion, and application.


Tips for Parents

* Thank you for taking time to review your child's Friday Folder and planners. Please return the signed slip every Monday.

* What a great time we had with grandparents and special guests! We were able to share some classroom technology and showed off our athletic skills in gym.

* Centennial is starting a new program to encourage punctuality to start each day called Timely Tators. Every day all students in our class arrive on time, we will get to add one piece to our Tator. Once the Tator is fully dressed, we will get to take a picture to add to the Wall of Punctuality. When a student is tardy to school, it sets the stage for the day with a feeling of rushed or being behind. For some students, this can become a cause of anxiety. I look forward to creating some attractive looking Tators!

* Congrats to Anna, Elyse, Alex, Gavin, Libby, Noah, Kevin, Victoria, Quinn, Hailey, Sophie, Paige, Zackary, Kaden, Bennett, Izac, Braxton, and Abrum for having perfect attendance in the month of September!

* Let's cross our fingers for a long, mild fall!

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