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Academic Information


Word Study

In order to gain a stronger understanding of word formation, roots, prefixes, and suffixes, students will be exposed to new words each work in the form of word sorts. Students will analyze the patterns of the words and make generalizations based on the spelling patterns. Through this process, students will become better overall spellers and word decoders to determine meaning rather than memorizing a set of random words for a weekly test. We will also expect students to carry over newly learned skills into independent writing. Students will be scored on a baseline assessment to determine their current understanding of word formation. We will also monitor for progress throughout the year.



Math lessons will be from the Investigations series, which encourages solving problems and justifying strategies. We will also be reviewing basic facts and skills. Each day, we will spend time on calendar math to strengthen a variety of skills. Lessons and practice will focus on the eight mathematical practices, which include perseverance, reasoning, critiquing, modeling, justifying, and accuracy.

Read much, read often, read well.

Reading and Language Arts

Reading instruction will be based on the Benchmark program. Students will participate in whole-group instruction to gain an overview of new skills, view the skills being modeled, and complete an interactive reading notebook utilizing the new skills. Students will also receive instruction in small groups where the skills will be reinforced using group discussion and on-level texts. In addition, students will also have time to read independently in order to practice new skills while maintaining a love of reading. Please encourage your child to have a book to read in school and at home.

Language instruction will consist of grammar and writing. Daily language and journal writing, with some published writing, will be done daily. Throughout the year, students will learn about the three main genres of nonfiction writing: narrative, opinion, and explanatory. During each unit, students will write several examples of each genre through guided practice. At the end of each unit, students will be asked to publish a piece of writing demonstrating their understanding of each genre. Be on the lookout for some great pieces of writing!

Book Orders

open book
Independent Reading Projects

Book projects will be assigned to correspond with reading units and skills. I will provide the directions for the project at the beginning of the cycle as well as suggested book lists. Books may be library, personal, or classroom books, but must be at reading level and a chapter book. While some books are great to reread, book project books should be a first time read. In addition to the book project, students will be expected to keep a reading log of any additional reading material read at home or school. Scholastic Book Wizard offers an excellent resource for children to find books on level and interest. Students can also find the Lexile level of books.


Social Studies

A history of the United States will be the topic this year. Students will also learn the state locations and other important cities and geographical areas.



Science will be a combination of instruction and hands-on activities. Topics covered include Mixtures and Solutions, Variables, Earth and Sun, Living Systems, and Health. We will also have a two week study on tobacco usage effects and ways and reasons to say no.



Each week, we will have an opportunity to visit the computer lab as well as additionally scheduled times throughout the week. Students will use the lab for research, creating projects, learning keyboarding skills, and some entertainment, too. We also have Chrome books in our classroom. Of course, we still love our ActivBoard and document camera. While at a conference, I was lucky to win a set of ActivExpressions for our classroom. The Expressions allow all students to send replies and answers to my computer as a student response system. The newest technology for our classroom is a voice amplification system. This was installed in our classroom after I was awarded a grant. We are fortunate to be able to have these tools available to us. Many students also have personal devices. Students are allowed to use these devises as reading tools during the school day. However, it is the responsibility of the student to keep it safe and used appropriately, and the student must have parental permission to have the device in school. There may be times I request students bring personal devices in order to assist in a technology project. These times will require parental permission. Please talk to your child about the appropriate usage and care of technology equipment. Ask your child to see some of the wonderful projects they create.

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