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Why Develop a Reading Habit

Insight and Enjoyment: What was the last thing you chose to read? Why did you choose to read it? We read because we want insight, insight into life, hobbies, passions, questions, the world around us, anything. Our choice of text that we access to gain these insights depends on what we enjoy. For example, if I want to learn about world news, I enjoy reading news magazines whereas other people might prefer websites or newspapers.

Lifelong Habit: Just like improving at playing a sport or playing a musical instrument, if you want to become a better reader, you've got to read. Reading is a developmental process. You do not reach mastery and then are done improving as a reader. I continually come across texts that challenge my reading ability.

Academic Success: Did you know that the amount of time a student spends reading is "the major predictor of academic success in Reading, Math, AND Science"? In fact, "the top 5 percent of U.S. students read up to 144 times more than those in the bottom 5 percent" (Atwell).

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