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Supporting Your Child's Reading Life

-Encourage your student to read anything and everything - magazines, the sports page of the newspaper, the back of the cereal box, the Sunday comics - anything and everything!

-Encourage your student to get the most out of their electronics as a reader: audiobooks, e-books, apps, book recommendations, blogs, daily news, and research.

-Model the life of an adult reader.

-Talk to your student about what he is reading.
Why did you choose this book?
What do you like/dislike about the book? the author's style?
What do you think is going to happen? Why do you think that?
Tell me about the main character. What do you think of the decisions this character makes?
What books/authors is it similar to?

-Work with your student to set up a time and space for her to read for an extended time every day.

-Read in the same space at the same time as your student.

-Read aloud to your student. I know they're high schoolers and seem too old for it, but even an interesting article you found on the Internet or a good part of the book you're reading.

-Go to the library or Barnes and Noble together.

-"I thought you might be interested in this." Point out texts that you think your student might enjoy whether it's a website, newspaper article or a book you picked up on skateboarding.

-Give the gift of reading - a book for a present.
-Pick out books together to give as gifts to others.

-Talk about your favorite books growing up. Talk about your reading life in general over the years.

-Keep favorite, quick texts in convenient locations - the sports page at the breakfast table.

-Promote reading with other siblings.

-Connect reading to your life - a trip you'll be taking, a movie, a family hobby.

-Recommend a book to your student.

-Read the same book as your student.

-Listen to books on audio together - in the car together or long road trips.

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