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Policies & Procedures

Checkout Policy

Students should use their photo ID card to check out materials. Books are due three weeks after being checked out. Reference books, career materials and magazines may be checked out for one day only. These can be picked up after the student's last class and must be returned to the library before 1st hour the next day. There are no late fines but students are responsible for the cost of replacing lost or damaged materials.

Computer Use

Bismarck Public Schools use an internet filter. All computer use is to be school appropriate.

Library Internet/E-mail Guidelines
  1. Teachers are responsible for reading the new AUP (board policy IFC_R3) to their students
  2. Must sign in at main desk before using the internet and sign out when leaving.
  3. A 20-minute time limit will be allowed for internet searching or browsing and use of e-mail.
  4. No chat groups or game playing will be allowed on the computers. This includes Fantasy Sports Games.
  5. Any student observed by the library staff committing the following will have one warning after which you will lose your library computer privileges:

* Blanking of the screen
* Accessing or downloading of inappropriate or illegal sites
* Attempting to add or remove icons, programs, or security
* Transferring or sending of inappropriate messages
* Being in chat groups or playing games or music

WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY GAME PLAYING, your time is valuable do not waste it!

The library purchases information for you in electronic format as well as in print. These databases are available from the library web page at There are passwords available for you to use these databases from your home computer as well. Ask any library staff member for these handouts.

Library Etiquette


* Respect others.
* Respect media center property.
* Work and visit quietly.
* No food or drink is allowed in the library.
* Use library computers for educational purposes only.
* Flash drive size limit for all computers is 2 GB.


* Student will be given one warning.
* If behavior continues, student will be asked to leave/return to class.
* If warranted, student may be denied media center privileges for an extended period of time.


A photocopier is set up in the back office for use by the staff and faculty. As a service, we will make copies for students at a cost of 5 a page. This charge applies to all copies including school related work.


All computers are networked to a black and white printer. There is no charge for printing black and white copies while doing research for a required class assignment. The charge for printing all other times is $.05.

Student Pass Policy

Students who are sent to the library by a teacher during class time must have a pass signed by the sending teacher. Students arriving with passes will be expected to sign in at the front desk with a member of the library staff. Students are to sign out when they leave. When students leave the library they are expected to return to class

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