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Class of 1980

Cindy Froeschle Duehring (1962-1999) graduated as a class valedictorian in 1980 from Bismarck High School.
After she was severely poisoned by pesticides in 1985, Cindy began researching the causes and effects of chemical injury, and in 1986 founded and directed the Environmental Access Research Network (EARN), which in 1994 merged with and became the research division of the Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN). Cindy created one of the largest private libraries on chemical health issues in existence, making scientific, medical, and legal literature on chemical injury available to healthcare professionals, lawyers, and lay people. Through EARN, she wrote and published medical and legal briefs bimonthly. She received the 1994 Resourceful Women Leadership Award.
In 1997, she was one of five honored worldwide recipients of the international Right Livelihood Award, known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, which was presented at a Swedish Parliament ceremony.
For her final achievement, in 1998, Cindy wrote a scholarly position paper for the Centers of Disease Control about Gulf War Syndrome research. Her work continues to serve and help chemically injured people.

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