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Class of 1973

Bruce Perry's earliest recognition in Bismarck came as one of the top sprinters in North Dakota High School track and field history. The 1973 graduate of Bismarck High School went on to do undergraduate work at Stanford University, receiving both M.D. and Ph.D. Dr. Perry completed a residency in general psychiatry at the University of Chicago. He later served as the Trammell Research Professor of Child Psychiatry for Texas Children's Hospital at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and served as the Medical Director for Provincial Programs in Children's Mental Health for the Alberta, Canada Mental Health Board.

His experience as a clinician and researcher with traumatized children has led many community governmental agencies to consult him following high profile incidents involving traumatized children. These include the Branch Davidian siege, the Oklahoma bombing, the Columbine school shootings, and the September 11 terrorist attacks. Dr. Perry has presented material on child maltreatment, children's neurodevelopment, and youth violence in a variety of venues including policy-making bodies such as the White House Summit on Violence, the California Assembly, and the U.S. House Committee on Education.

Perry has been featured on National Public Radio, the Today Show, Good Morning America and the Oprah Show. His work has been featured in documentaries produced by Dateline NBC, 20/20, the BBC, Nightline, CBC and PBS. He is the author of over 200 journal articles, book chapters and scientific proceedings, and is the recipient of numerous professional awards and honors. Many print media have highlighted the clinical and research activities of Perry, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning series in the Chicago Tribune, US News and World Report, Time, Newsweek, Forbes ASAP, the New York Times, and Rolling Stone.

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