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BHS Volleyball Philosophy and Attendance Policy


Volleyball is a TEAM sport. The most important word in my philosophy is "team." This word and all
that it means is at the heart and center of success. Team, as it will be used, means a collective group
working toward the same goal, placing them last and the group first. Teams win championships,
never individuals. Teams reach the highest point of their potential. Success should not be measured
by wins or losses, but by a team playing up to its' ability and beyond.


There are some mandatory things that each of us must do in order to achieve a successful season.
FIRST: success must be defined in the context of high school varsity sports.
SUCCESS is the confidence of each player performing to the limits of both her ability
and knowledge during both practice and competition. It also means that, at all times,
each player will be conscious of teammates abilities, their positive attitudes and
always strive to be a better TEAM even if it means personal sacrifice.
In this regard there are some habits and attitudes that are the exclusive responsibility of each player:
1. Practice sessions are a time for each player to improve skills, both individual and team skills in
working with teammates. Players are expected to attend all practices on time, physically and
mentally ready for the training task.
2. Games or competition are rewards for hard work in practice. Players must schedule and take
individual time to ready themselves for competition. "Mental imagery" should focus on
performance and not on victory or defeat.
3. All players must understand that the representation of Bismarck High School is a PRIVILEGE and
not a RIGHT. Athletes must also be aware that they represent themselves, as well as their
families. There is simply no room in this program for less than proper representation.

Attendance Policy

To ensure fairness to all, all Coaches and athletes are required to attend all practices, matches and tournaments. It is understood that other schedules sometimes conflict with getting to practice on a timely basis, but these conflicts should be conveyed in a timely manner. In the event of illness, the coach should be notified immediately. Prior notice of an absence is expected.

Attendance Policy/Penalties for Athletes

BHS will enforce the following practice, match and tournament attendance policy for every athlete.
Practice: Players are responsible to contact their coach a minimum of 24 hours in advance if they know they will be absent from practice. In the case of an unexpected absence please contact your coach as soon as possible.
Excused absences
The athlete will be allowed three(3) excused absences during the season.
For every (3) practices missed athlete will sit in a set of a future match or tournament.
Missing more than of practice counts as an absence.
Unexcused absences
o One unexcused absence will result in sitting the first match of the next match or tournament.
o Two unexcused absences will result in missing the first two matches of the next match or tournament.
o Three unexcused absences will result in a player and parent meeting with the coach and head coach and possible dismissal from the program.

Matches and Tournament:
***Athletes who will miss a match or tournament need to let their coach know within 24 hours of a match and one week prior to a tournament.
Any kind of unsportsmanlike behavior will result in the player sitting two matches. If the behavior continues the player will lose their privilege to play until behavior has been corrected. UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AT ALL.
Unexcused absence at any match or tournament follows the same guidelines as an unexcused practice.
Tardiness on a match or tournament day will result in sitting one set per fifteen minutes up to one hour. After one hour the time changes to sitting one set per thirty minutes.
o Example: If an athlete is 1- 15 minutes late they will sit the first set of the day. 16-30 minutes the player will sit the first two sets of the day. 31-45 minutes the player will sit the first three sets of the day. 46-60 minutes the player will sit the first four sets of the day. 61-90 minutes the player will sit the first five sets of the day. 91-120 will sit the first six sets of the day an so one.

NOTE: Please note that a poor attendance record WILL directly affect an athlete's playing time. Athletes are expected to contact their coaches themselves NOT their parents. Text messages will not be excepted.

****Coaches do track attendance, reasons for missing as well as who contacted them.

****Coaches have the right to modify any attendance polices at their discretion.

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