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Throwing Statistics

2017 Meets and Other Information

Last Update was 4/22/2017


WDA INDOOR BOYS since 1981 (updated 4/1/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 122.77 kb

WDA INDOOR Girls since 1981 (updated 3/31/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 123.88 kb

STATE INDOOR RESULTS since 1973 (updated 3/26/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 256.09 kb

Bismarck Kiwanis (Updated 4/21/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 317.32 kb

Charlie Denton (updated 4/30/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 554.38 kb

BHSCHS Invite (updated 4/22/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 254.39 kb

Karlgaard (updated 4/14/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 591.37 kb

Duane Carlson Meet 4/14/17 (pdf document)
File Size: 174.99 kb

MAR Club Meet (updated 5/6/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 405.17 kb

East/West (updated 5/12/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 182.66 kb

Al Cassel (Results when BHS does go: Updated 5/20/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 107.17 kb

ND RELAYS updated 4/24/15 (pdf document)
File Size: 143.56 kb

Sophomore WDA (Updated 5/16/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 186.74 kb

WDA REGIONAL Boys 1957 and SW Conference Results Boys and Girls (1964-1980) (updated 5/20/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 884.43 kb

WDA Girls Results since 1978 (updated 5/20/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 473.34 kb

State Class A Results Girls (updated 5/29/16) (pdf document)
File Size: 564.34 kb

State A Results Boys (updated 5/29/2016) (pdf document)
File Size: 930.68 kb

Top 10's

Top 10 Demon Throws since 1905 (updated 5/20/17) (pdf document)
File Size: 679.95 kb

Top 10 WDA and State A Class Meet in the Throws (updated 5/20/2017) (pdf document)
File Size: 380.78 kb

Top 10 State Meet Class B Throws (updated 5/29/16) (pdf document)
File Size: 261.68 kb

State Place Winners and Class B Results

ALL TIME PLACE WINNERS BOYS TRACK (updated 6/13/16) (pdf document)
File Size: 830.48 kb

ALL TIME PLACE WINNERS GIRLS TRACK (updated 6/13/16) (pdf document)
File Size: 538.33 kb

Class A Champs since 1903 for the Throwing Events (updated 5/29/2016) (pdf document)
File Size: 624.76 kb

All Time Class B State Results in the Throwing Events (updated 5/29/16) (pdf document)
File Size: 1060.99 kb

Demon State Champions in the Throws (updated 5/29/2016) (pdf document)
File Size: 105.65 kb

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