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Katie's winning shot throw of 41'5"

Katie Disc
Katie Pic

First State Champion in disc since 1981 when Koreena Lyons won it all.

Katie's winning disc throw of 128'8"

Briana's 35'11" 5th place throw.

Naomi's 35'9" 7th place throw.

Es Jav
Esley took 2nd with a thow of 182'9" He is currently attending NDSU.

Dex Jav
Dexter took 7th with a throw of 171'8"

Kevin Poitra took 8th in Javelin with a throw of 170'11"

Mitch's 4th place throw of 155'4"

kt pic
Katie took third place in discus with a throw of 125 feet and 5th in shot with a throw of 38'10". Thanks Katie for the hard work you put into the program!

Anna pictured left took 8th in Javelin with a throw of 108'. Thanks for all the hard work you put into track and field Anna!

Naomi pictured in the middle placed 6th in shot with a throw of 38'8" and 5th in discus with a throw of 115'3."

Briana pictured left threw the shot 36'9" and placed 7th in shot.

Nick and Dex
Nick pictured right placed 5th in shot with a throw of 49'2" Thanks Nick for all the hard work you put into the Bismarck High Track!

Nick and Dex
Dexter pictured left took placed 3rd in Javelin with a throw of 167'7" and 4th in shot with a throw of 49'4"

Brett Gehring took 7th in disc with a throw of 139'7"

Jaden took 5th in disc becoming the first frosh to place at state in disc for Bismarck High. Great job Jaden!

Naomi became our 4th champion in shot in six years at BHS with a throw of 40'6" and took 5th in Discus with a throw of 119' Great Job Nay!

Naomi's 40'6" winning shot throw.

Naomi Disc throw of 2012

Briana took 5th in shot with a throw of 38'2", she was a very good thrower for BHS. Thanks for the all the effort you gave to our throwing program at BHS!

Brianna throwing the shot at state.

Dexter became the first Demon thrower to place in all three throwing events since Hugo Rendon in 1938. Dexter placed 2nd in Javelin 188'3", third in shot 51'4" and 5th in disc 149'6" He had a tremendus senior season. Thanks for the contributing to the BHS throwing program.

Dexter Javelin throw 2012

Dexter Disc throw of 2012

Brett (pictured right) took 8th in shot with a throw of 49'2" He also finished in our top 10 in discus this season. Despite the struggles of late May his leadership and work ethich will make BHS a stornger throwing program. Thanks Brett!

Brett Shot throw of 2012

Dyllon took 6th in shot 49'4" and 6th in disc 144'7". His hard work in the off season paid off. Great work Dyllon!

Dyllon Shot throw of 2012

Dyllons Disc throw of 2012

Jaden fought off injury and placed 8th in discus with a throw of 143'6" Jaden also had some top 10 sophomore throws this season. Keep up the good work Jaden!

Jaden Disc throw of 2012

Naomi Rust 2013

Naomi placed 7th in shot with a throw of 37'11.25" and 5th in disc with a throw of 123'9". She was my first four year state placer in Girls Track. Thank you Nay for all your hard work! You will be missed!

Naomi's Throws at state

Jon won the shot put with a throw of 57'6.25". He had a personal best of 58'4" earlier in the year. He is the first state champon in shot since Josh Obrigewitch won in 2004. Jon also became our 2nd sophomore state champion shot putter (Bob Schaumberg 1956). Keep up the strong effort Jon. He will be competing at the New Balance National Trackmeet in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Jon's State Throws

Stanley improved throughout the season. Despite him not liking cold and wind he throw 153' and took 5th in the Discus. Great Season Stan keep building for next year!

Staney Disc Throws

Dyllon Schnailbe 2013

Dyllon finished 7th in disc with a throw of 146'4" and finish 3rd in shot 53'2". Dyllon is has the number two indoor mark at BHS witha throw of 54'11". Dyllon had a fantastic season and will be throwing at the University of Mary. Thank you for all your work, patience and leadership for our Throwing Program.

Dyllon's State Throws

Jaden Friedt 2013

Jaden came back from shoulder surgery and was able to qualify in shot and disc. He threw personal records at state by taking 5th in shot with a throw of 49'7" and 2nd in disc with a throw of 165'7". Thank you Jaden for all your hard work and let's keep building for next year!

Jon Tharaldsen

Jon placed 2nd in disc with a throw of 164'7" and won shot with a throw of 63'4". He is ranked 2nd behind Bismarck's own Howard Hausaur in shot both at state and overall school record. Jon owns both the best sophomore and junior shot put marks ever thrown in the state of North Dakota.

His shot throw is also 2nd best throw ever at a state track meet in North Dakota and his disc throw puts him 7th for all-time junior throws at Bismarck High. His disc throw was also the 8th best throw by a Demon at a State Track Meet.

Jon has become the first back to back winner in shot for Bismarck since Howard Hausaur in 1986 and 1987.

Great State meet Jon!

Jon's State Throws 2014

Stanley Jones

Stanley took 3rd in shot 51', 3rd in Javelin 175'6" and 1st in disc 178'9"

His disc throw at state puts him 6th (A) and 8th (all-time) distance thrown at a state meet. The throw also puts him at number four all time at Bismarck High.

Stanley scoring 22 points at state tied him for 1st for points scored at state meet in the throwing events. He tied Hugo Rendon's point total from 1938 (3rd shot, 2nd disc, 2nd javelin).

Great State Meet Stanley. Best of luck at North Dakota State!

Stanley's State Video

Brittany Hawkinson 6th in Disc 115'8"

Brittany placed 6th in disc. She is currently on the Top 10 at Bismarck for Freshmen and Sophomore marks. Strong performance Brittany! Thank you for all your hard work you put into track at Bismarck High!

Brittany's 2014 State Disc Throws

Katie German 8th Discus

Katie placed 8th with a throw of 118'7". She threw for the first time since 8th grade and performed well all season. Great effort Katie!

Katie's State Throws

Brayden Thomas 6th in Shot

Brayden placed 6th with a throw of 50'8". This was Brayden's first ever year competing in Track. He improved every week and gave a great performance at state. Thank you Brayden for being part of the Demons Track and Field program!

Brayden's Shot Throws at State

Luke Keller 7th in Disc and 3rd in Shot

Luke placed 7th in Disc with a throw of 138'4" and 3rd in Shot with a throw of 52'3". Luke threw well all season and started to figure out the discus his senior year. He worked hard all season and was a great leader for the Demon Throwers. Good luck Luke at UND!

Luke's State Throws

Jon Tharaldsen State Champion Shot Put and Discus

Jon won disc with a throw of 167'6" and shot with a throw of 62'11". Jon became the first double champion for BHS since 1985 (Howard Hausaur), also the first Class A thrower to do so since 2000. Jon also won Senior Athlete of the Year for Class A boys and Gatorade Track athlete of the year for North Dakota. Thank you for all your effort you gave to the Demon Throwing program Jon. Good luck at the University of Minnesota.

Jon's State Throws

B Tom
Brayden Thomas State Champ Javelin, State Runner-up in Shot and 7th Place Discus

This was Brayden's second year of track and field. He won javelin with a throw of 186'8" putting him 9th all time at Bismarck High. His 55'5.5" shot throw put him 10 all time at Bismarck. He placed 7th in Disc with a throw of 142'7". Throwing those marks in just two years of track is phenomenal. Good Luck at University Mary Brayden!

Brayden's State Throws

Brittany Hawkinson 5th in Discus

Brittany qualified for three straight years and finished 5th this year with a throw of 118'10". Brittany worked to get better this year and it paid off at state. She is currently has the 10th furthest disc throw at BHS with a throw of 120'.

Brittany's Disc Throws at State

Tyler Mahoney 6th in Disc

Tyler placed 6th in disc with a throw of 144'4". Tyler was one of the most consistent throwers this year for us. This was his first year qualified and he handled the pressure well. Tyler will be serving the National Guard after High School. Good luck Tyler!

Tyler's State Throws

This is the second straight year Preston qualified for state. He threw the shot 51'3" placing him 9th for all-time Junior Shot at BHS. He switched from glide to spin this year and had a tremendous season.

Preston's State Shot Throws

Katie German 8th Discus

Katie struggled going into state and threw well throwing 116'3". This is the second straight year she has placed at state. It took her third throw in prelims to make finals. She is currently 9th all-time at BHS in disc with a throw of 120'9". Great effort this year Katie!

Katie's Disc Throws at State

Jared Rath 4th Discus

Jared is a double qualifier this year. He placed 4th in Disc with a throw of 144'11". We have not had a sophomore place this high since 1966 when Harry Salak placed 4th. He worked extremely hard to get the spin down in shot and disc this year and it paid off. Good Luck next year Jared!

Jared's State Throws in Disc.

Camari McCarroll 6th Shot Put

Camari thew 37'3' in shot putting her 9 all-time at Bismarck High. This was Camari's first year of throwing. She qualified in all three throwing events first time a first year thrower has done this at BHS since Rob Bohr in 2003. She is also currently ranked 8th in disc at BHS with a throw of 121'3". Thanks for the great season Camari!

Camari's State Throws in Shot

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