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Philosophies & Expectations

Demon Softball Philosophies

- Our goal is to create a fun, positive environment where we can learn the fundamentals of fastpitch softball and create a close team environment.
- Come to practice every day and learn something new to become a better player.
- Focus on fundamentals, practice things right every time.

- Be aggressive.
- Focus on every swing, trying to get better.
- Focus on having quality at-bats, know the situation and what you need to do.

- Stay positive, be aware of the situation.
- Do the little things right.

- You have to put the time in practice to make the time in a game count!
- Every pitch is thrown for a purpose.
- Get ahead in the count!

- Work TOGETHER as a team.
- Stay positive, be each other's cheerleader!
- Trust your teammates and yourself!
- We have a chance to win every game, make sure you're ready to be a vital part of every situation!

From the Coaches:

As coaches our program philosophy is to develop fundamentally sound players who enjoy the game of softball, respect officials, and appreciate their teammates, coaches, and fans.

Rules & Expectations

Each player in the Demon softball program plays a valuable role in the success of our program!

Demon Softball Expectations:
1. Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol:
a. Any players caught in possession or consumption of any illegal substance either with the team or away from the team will follow the regulations set forth by the Bismarck Public Schools.
b. If you are unable to stay away from these substances, you are portraying that you are bigger than the team.
c. It is a short season. Don't let your teammates down!

2. Absences:
a. All players must participate in 9 practices prior to the first game.
b. If a player is absent from a class on the day of a game, for any reason unrelated to school, they will not be allowed to participate in the game.
•Unexcused Absence from practice or game:
•1st offense - player dresses for next game, but does not play.
•2nd offense - player does not dress for the next game (but is expected to be there to watch) and does not play. After the second offense Head coach needs to be notified so that a meeting with head coach and the player/parents can be arranged.
•3rd offense - player is asked to turn in uniform and not be on the team any longer.
•Unexcused Tardy for a game:
•1st offense - player sits the first game of that days match.
•2nd offense - player sits the first two games of that days match.
•3rd offense and each tardy after the 3rd - player sits that days match.
- After 3rd a meeting with head coach will be arranged.

3. Other expectations:
a. Swearing will not be tolerated.
b. All players will be expected to help carry team equipment to/from practice games before leaving.
c. When in public players will act appropriately (bus trips, team events, hotel stays, and restaurants). If complaints have been made consequences will result.
*When the bus arrives back in Bismarck please go straight home or notify your parents that we are back in Bismarck*
d. All players must act professionally during games; no backtalk to umpires/opposing teams will be tolerated.
e. Starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed to seniors or anyone else, your spot must be earned.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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