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Cheerleading '11-'12

  Cheerleading 2011-2012

2011 Varsity Football
2011 Varsity Football
2011-2012 Varsity Hockey
2011-2012 Varsity Hockey
2011-2012 Varisty Basketball
2011-2012 Varsity Basketball
2012 Winter Competition
2012 Winter Competition
Jump Off Champion Winter 2012
Jump Off Champion Winter 2012
All Around Champion
All Around Champion
JV Winter Competition
JV Winter Competition

2011-2012 Varsity Cheerleaders
Cheerleader Sport Year
Tessa Haussler Football, Basketball 12
Kenzie Keidel Football 12
Kathryn Pomeroy Football, Basketball 12
Catie Schafer Football 12
Alexis Schirado Football, Basketball 12
Jenna Schneider Football, Basketball 12
Bailee Bulman Football, Hockey 11
Tawney Hager Football 11
Kaitlyn Hirvela Football, Basketball 11
Tori Johnson Football, Basketball 11
Alyssa Leintz Football, Basketball 11
Courtney Schneider Football 11
Kenadee Solmonson Football, Basketball 11
Paige Thomas Basketball 11
Katelyn Van Berkom Football, Basketball 11
Emily Carson Football, Hockey 10
Kacey Diehl Football 10
Megan Fettig Football, Hockey 10
Kaylee Keller Football 10
Sierra Schaefer Football, Hockey 10
Kendra Zins Football 10

2011-2012 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders
Cheerleader Sport Year
Olivia Kuntz Football, Basketball, Hockey 12
Amanda Erickson Football, Basketball, Hockey 11
Megan Schlosser Football, Basketball, Hockey 11
Hailee Swennes Football, Basketball, Hockey 11
Courtney Vollan Football, Basketball, Hockey 10
Mikaela Dosch Football, Basketball, Hockey 9
Rachel Nelson Football, Basketball, Hockey 9
Gena Skager Football, Basketball, Hockey 9

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