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Boys Tennis

Updates (New 8/27/16)

-Please be aware of the schedule for this upcoming week:

Monday: Match in Minot
Players will be dismissed from class at 1:15. BHS players will meet Coach Z outside the main doors @ BHS and depart at 1:30. WMS players will meet Coach Hanson outside the main doors @ WMS and depart from there. Bring water, snacks, money for a quick supper after the match.

Tuesday: Match vs. Mandan @ Tom O
Varsity will be dismissed from class at 3:05 to head to the courts. JV should arrive as soon as they can after school dismisses.

Wednesday: Regular Practice
4:15-6 at Tom O.

Thursday: Pictures/Practice
Pictures will be at 4:00 at Sons of Norway courts due to a match being played at Tom O. BRING YOUR SHIRT AND BLACK SHORTS. Practice will be held until 6 after pictures.

Friday: Match in Williston
BHS players will be dismissed at 9:45 and will meet outside of the main doors for a 10:00 departure. WMS players will be dismissed at 9:40 and meet outside the main doors. Coach Hanson will transport them up to BHS and we will depart with the BHS players at 10:00. Match is at 4:00. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and money for lunch in Minot and supper on the way home.

-Please click here for our schedule. Just click on "Boys Tennis", and the schedule will be visible!


Season Record

Player Handbook


Your personal conduct on and off the court should reflect the highest level of respect for yourself, your family, your school, your teammates, your opponents, and the community at large. Conduct yourself in a way that shows pride in our tennis program.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are expected to be turned off or on silent mode and safely stored away during practice and matches. Our job as a team is to focus and support our teammates until the last match, so cell phones may only be used with coach permission if absolutely necessary.


You are expected to be on time and prepared for all practices. Unexcused absences are not tolerated; 2 unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team. Please notify me by calling/texting 471-9725 or e-mailing BEFORE practice is set to begin to notify me of any situation that would keep you from attending practice. Players are expected to give maximum effort in practice and strive to make small improvements every day.

Challenge Matches

Challenge matches are used to determine a player's position on the roster. Throughout the year a player may challenge the player immediately ahead of them on the roster to attempt to move up on the roster (no more than 2 times per week). Playing matches creates a more competitive and prepared player.


When possible, varsity members should report to the court 1 hour early before home matches. Varsity goes on court first, followed by JV, then B-Squad if time/number of opposing players allows. I expect the team to support each other until the last match finishes.

West Region Individual Tournament

The individual tourney will be dictated by the preferences of the players from the top of the team roster and down. The top 7 players on the team are eligible to play in the West Region Individual tourney. The top 8 singles players and doubles teams advance to the State Individual Tournament. If you are a senior in the top 7, you will have 1st choice of what event you would like to participate. After seniors have chosen, the remaining events will be chosen according to roster position. There are a possibility of 3 singles positions and 2 doubles teams that can play in the tournament. I, as a coach, will often give my input to the players as to what events may be their best opportunity to qualify for the state tournament, however, the decision ultimately lies with each player.

West Region Team Tournament

The ultimate goal for the team at this tournament is to qualify for the state tournament. The team lineup will be determined by our opponent. Therefore, our team lineup can change with each match that we play. Any players on the roster from #1-9 can be used in the lineup even though #7-9 played primarily Junior Varsity through the regular season. The coaches are continually making decisions for the best interest of the team. We will determine whether a player competes in singles or doubles. As long as players are willing to accept the roles that are determined by the coaches, team success is usually the result. Lineups are also discussed with the team prior to each match to ensure each player is comfortable with their role.

Contact Information

Head Coach Justin Zainhofsky
Cell: 471-9725

Assistant Coach Erik Hanson
Cell: 333-8006

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