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Power Clean

Start Position
•Bar loaded evenly, collars in place and secure
•Feet approximately shoulder width apart
•Feet flat on the floor
•Bar touching shins
•Arms locked, regular grip, thumbs around bar
•Back straight
•Head facing forward
•Thighs parallel to floor
•Shoulders over bar
•Easy pull off floor
•Keep arms straight (do not bend elbows)
•Bar stays close to body
End Position
•Knees move back under bar
•Bar touching top of thighs
•Back tight, arms straight
•Body extends fully, athlete up on toes
•Traps are shrugged to elevate bar
•Continued upward pull by pulling with arms
•Weight racked across top of shoulders
•Elbows point out and high
•Feet spread slightly to side
•Athlete stands up, under control
•Bar lowered to floor, athlete bends at knees and hips

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