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Uniform Dress

Marching Band

All uniforms once fitted and assigned will be kept at home. You are responsible for keeping your uniform properly stored on the hanger.

Please remember that the uniforms cost approximately $400 each. The School District has invested thousands of your families' tax dollars in these uniforms, please take good care of them! Shoes, socks and gloves must be cleaned before every performance as the cleanliness of these items adds or detracts from the appearance of the Band. This is simply a matter of pride!

Uniform fee of $30 is due before the first performance of the school year. Fee includes: Pep Band T-shirt, Marching Shoes and Dry Cleaning.

Care of the Uniform

Do not wash or "hand wash" the jacket or trousers portion of the uniform in any manner. Professional dry clean only.

After each wearing of your uniform, hang it up properly on the hangar, let it air out! Any moisture trapped in the uniform will cause mildew, which is extremely difficult and expensive to remove (in addition to being very stinky!).
The worst enemy of Band uniform fabric is perspiration. Second only to this is dirt that can be embedded into the material and do permanent damage.

If your uniform needs to be altered in the jacket sleeves or pants, it is OK to alter the hem. However, DO NOT CUT OFF EXCESS MATERIAL! The next student using that uniform may need that length. Also please do not use iron tape for hemming, as this is very difficult to remove. A simple hem tack will do.

Proper fitting pants should just touch the top of the shoes in front and hang to the middle of the heel in back, while the crease in the front remains unbroken and perfectly straight. This will probably be different than the way you wear normal pants and may feel like "high-water" pants! Also - the uniform pants are "high-waist" by design for a proper fit with the short-waisted jacket. You may need to use suspenders to keep the pants from falling down.

Each student is responsible for the care and safekeeping of their assigned Marching Band uniform. ANY DAMAGE OR LOSS OF A UNIFORM, OR ANY OF ITS PARTS, IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT. This means paying for the repair or replacement of any damaged or missing uniform, and any or all of its parts.

With proper care and maintenance, these uniforms will last a long time. Do your part. Always wear the uniform with pride. If you remove any part of the uniform, remove all of it. If you are wearing any part of the uniform, wear it all. Be proud of your Band and school, and show it every time you put your uniform on.

Appearance While in Uniform:

Hair must be worn above the collar and behind the ear. Bobby pins, hair nets, etc. can be used to hold your hair up and inside of the hat. Be sure to consider this when selecting the correct hat size.

All jewelry must removed when in uniform. No earrings, necklaces, etc. Plan ahead to leave these valuables at home.

Uniform pants must be the same uniform length throughout the Band, the bottom front edge of your pants hem should barely touch the top portion of your shoes. The crease on the front of your pants must be perfectly straight and unbroken, when standing at attention!

Make-up/Cosmetics while in uniform is generally not recommended (Exception: Flags, you may wear makeup!). Invisible base make-up clogs pores and does not allow the skin to breathe properly, leading to potential overheating and exhaustion.

The way we dress and take care of our appearance says a lot about the way we feel about ourselves as a group. Pride in our appearance will generate pride in our actions and thoughts. Uniformity of dress is also adjudicated in competitions/festivals.

Unless instructed otherwise, when in uniform remain in uniform for the entire event (please do not get "half-undressed" by removing any part of your uniform, except the hat!).

Concert Band/Sophomore Band - Concert Dress

Concert attire for all performances is the Band Uniform without the hat or gloves. Black socks and marching shoes.

Wind Ensemble - Concert Dress

Ladies will wear the provided black dress with black dress shoes. (No flip-flops)

Men will wear the provided Tuxedo, black socks, and black dress shoes. Men will have to provide their own white button-down dress shirt.

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