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Student Leadership

Band Student Leadership = Service Leadership

Unlike most organizational top-down "pyramids" where the leader is in control of "bossing" others around and barking out "orders/commands," we advocate a system of Student Leadership utilizing an upside down pyramid based on these premises:
  • Lead by example, be a "role model" for all Band members
Anticipate problems and be solution minded:
  • Break down walls of "cliques" and assimilate all band members into a group sense of belonging - a Band family!
  • Serve to help other individuals in our Band be successful, and we will be successful as a collective group (we are all in this together!)
  • Treat others the way you want them to treat you
  • Look for the best in everything
  • The only person's behavior we can control is our own
  • All we can receive from other people is information, how we perceive that information determines how feel about them, ourselves and our Band
  • The key question in contemplating our behavior with others is, "Will what I am about to do or say bring me closer to this person or push us apart?"
  • Integrity is doing right things & making right decisions, especially when nobody is watching me
Student Leaders are encouraged to continually work on "tweaking" our system of how the Band program operates to create a non-coercive environment within which the students can self-evaluate and achieve quality work. One of the primary ways our Band program will achieve our most immediate goal - quality performance - is if the Student Leaders continually work with the Band Staff to improve our system of teaching & learning by communicating in ways that build trust.

Student Leadership - Service Leadership upside down pyramid:



Band Student Leadership = Servant Leadership


You are the ultimate executor of excellence - the one who gets the job done. Take it upon yourself to be the best possible Band member and to contribute your very best efforts at all times in musical performance, attitude, work ethic and relationships with your colleagues!!!


Maintaining and carrying on "the torch", or the tradition of excellence, that has been established by previous senior classes who have participated in the BHS Band program. The seniors are the models and leaders of high standards, a great work ethic, high expectations, performance models, etc.


Drum Majors are directly responsible to the Band Directors. They lead the Marching Band. They lead the Band on the street in every conceivable way!


Ultimately in charge of overall operations and details of the Band Program. All final decisions come from the Band Staff.


Section Leaders are in charge of "setting the standards of excellence" in musical and Marching execution as they "lead by example." Modeling excellence, and in motivating and encouraging their section to perform at a high level of excellence. They lead sectional rehearsals. They are responsible for disseminating information and announcements to all members in their section. They are responsible for helping to organize and maintain Band equipment. They respect every member of their section as a valued Band member. They strive to serve each section member by providing help and encouragement.

The success of the Bismarck High School Band is directly related to the effectiveness and commitment of the student leaders, and their ability to inspire hard work and lead their peers to excellence. All of the finest equipment, all of the hours of planning, all of the creative ideas, hard work, investment of time, and all of the best wishes of our supporters have very little meaning if our Seniors and leaders fail to inspire quality performance. Even more important than their ability to perform is the ability of our leaders to set a good example as human beings and to encourage others to follow their lead. Please understand your important role within the Band organization and strive to fulfill it to the best of your ability.

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