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Band instruments should be stored on the shelves in the Bandroom storage areas. People owning smaller instruments such as clarinets and flutes may wish to store them in their lockers. Make sure your instrument case is clearly marked with your name, address, and phone number. In addition, because many instrument cases look identical, a unique sticker or name tag prevents other students from accidentally taking the wrong instrument home. It is recommended that you record the serial number of your instrument, brand name and model, for safekeeping at home (in the highly unlikely event that your instrument were ever missing).


An instrument that is not working properly is extremely frustrating to the student and is a major obstacle to student progress and success!

If your instrument is not working correctly, phone one of the instrument repair shops listed below to make arrangements with them to have your instrument inspected by a professional band instrument technician/repair person. Most repair technicians will give you an approximate cost of repairs when asked to do so. All fees or billings for repair of personally owned instruments, are handled directly between the music store and the customer.

Always ask for a firm completion date & time of the work to be done, and if they have a loaner instrument for you to use until the work on your instrument is complete. Also, be sure to remove the mouthpiece from your case, to use with the "loaner" instrument. A few "loaner" instruments are available at BHS.


The following instruments will be issued as school equipment: bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor sax, french horn, mellophone (horn), baritone, tuba and percussion.

You will be given a contract that explains your responsibilities for safekeeping the instrument. Return the signed contract, along with the rental fee check, ($72 per year, June to June) to your Band Directors. School owned instruments will be issued after a completed contact is turned in and rental fees are paid.

All school owned instruments will be issued to you through your Band Director. Any damage or loss of this instrument, while at school or at home (outside of normal wear and use) will be paid by you. If at any time your school owned instrument needs repair, or you are experiencing problems with it for whatever reason, contact the Band Director immediately. As a result of normal use and wear, school owned instruments will need regular maintenance and occasionally repairs. Repairs are costly and time consuming. Please take good care of your instrument!

During the last week of school, all school owned instruments will be collected for inspection and/or routine scheduled maintenance.

Equipment that is polished and clean adds a great deal to the overall appearance of the Band. Take pride in your equipment!

A copy of the rental form can be obtained from your Band Director.

Percussion instruments may not be checked out to go home unless advance approval is given by your Band Director.

NOTE: Privately owned instruments are not insured by the school. Individuals must check their homeowners insurance policies to get these instruments insured.


There are times when parents and students should consider purchasing a "step-up" instrument. Many high school students have physically matured and have literally outgrown their present instrument (often the instrument they started as a beginner on). If and when this occurs, please contact us so we may assist you by providing you with information regarding our recommendations of quality instruments at reasonable costs. We offer this as a service and receive no compensation from any musical instrument companies or dealers. Frequently, even merely upgrading to a higher quality mouthpiece and/or reeds can make a significant qualitative difference and make the instrument easier and more enjoyable to play!

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