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Rules of Conduct

Pep Band

"Bleachers Etiquette"
  • Good Bands look organized at all times. We want to look good as well as sound good! Behavior in the bleachers at football games & Pep Band events is a vital element of the impression we give the public about our Band program. One of our main functions at athletic events is "espirit de corps," showing our enthusiastic school spirit and supporting the team at the event we are participating in as performers.
  • While playing music, always watch the Band Director so that we start & stop together and play well together as a well- organized ensemble.
  • Be alert! Watch the game, things happen quickly! Be prepared to play the school song after each football-touchdown is scored.
  • You are responsible for bringing your own Pep Band music and Lyre to the Pep Band events.
  • Please do not play your instrument unless the entire Band is playing, no "hacking or honking!"
  • Watch your instrument carefully to avoid any damage, and handle your equipment only. Never play other people's instrument!
  • We all sit together in like-instrument sections (clarinets together, trumpets together, percussion together, etc.). This will enable us to sound at our very best as well as look organized!
  • When in uniform, remain in uniform for the entire event (please do not get "half-undressed" by removing any part of your uniform, except the hat!).
  • Please do not invite your non-band friends to sit with you in the bleachers, we are an organized performing unit at this public event!
  • For safety and liability reasons, do not leave the bleachers without permission from a Band staff person.
  • Remember that you are a highly visible representative of the BHS Band program at all times, especially in the bleachers!
  • When participating as a performer at an athletic event, have fun, and represent Bismarck High School with class and pride!
We will always wear our BHS Pep Bands shirts to all games!! Jeans always look the best to accompany this.

BHS Band

Whenever and wherever the Band appears in public we are representatives of the entire music program at Bismarck High School, the school itself, and all citizens and alumni who are in any way associated with this great school. Whether in uniform or out, at a performance or a practice, on the road or at home, in an official capacity or in a social setting, members of the Bismarck High School Band Program must conduct themselves in a mature, responsible, courteous, respectful and professional manner. Anything done by a member of the Band reflects (positively or negatively) upon the entire Band organization, its leaders, and the school and community. Just as we strive for excellence in our musicianship and performance standards, we must also strive for excellence in our behavior and the manner in which we conduct ourselves.
    • Use appropriate and courteous language
    • Be honest, fair and nice
    • Treat the school facilities with care
    • Pick up trash
    • Take good care of school-owned equipment
    • Respect the private property of others
    Respect is an essential ingredient of the BHS Band Program. This includes respect for the Bandroom, your and others' instrument, your folder, music and books, and each other. The Bandroom is in use by large numbers of students almost every hour of the day. Proper care of the room and your equipment is a must at all times. Hats are not allowed in rehearsals to aid non-verbal communication.
  2. Be on time. This generally means 5 minutes early is on time!
  3. Be positive - Look for creative solutions when you see problems, and contact the Band Director for help.
  4. Cooperate fully with the Band Director or anyone else who is in a position of leadership.
    • No talking when anyone is "on the podium" working with the group
    • You are held accountable for any information presented in a rehearsal, or is posted on the board
    • li>When in a sectional, your section leader is in charge and is to be treated in the same manner as your Band Director.
  5. All North Dakota High School Activities Association Rules, and Bismarck High School Rules will be followed and enforced.
    • Smoking, use and/or possession of any alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or any mood altering chemical substances, is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated!
    • Violation of NDHSAA & BHS Rules will result in suspension from ALL school activities.
  6. You are responsible for the safekeeping of your music, instrument, uniform and any other school owned equipment you may use. Loss or damage of school owned equipment will become your financial responsibility (repair and/or new replacement).
  7. Absolutely NO food, gum, or beverages in the Bandroom at any time. This includes after school and evenings.
  8. A definition of Integrity: Making good decisions and doing what is right, especially when nobody is watching you.

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