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Wind Ensemble/Concert Band Auditions

  1. The auditions will occur during a specified time period in January, no exceptions!
  2. Sign-up for an appointment before school, after school or during the school day. Sign-up for a time that works best for you! Each audition will take approximately 5 minutes (not including warm-up time prior to the audition).
  3. Woodwind & Brass auditions will consist of:
    • 2 scales, as printed on the sheet given to you (articulation as indicated on the music). YourPerformance Goals: your best tone, consistent centered pitch, steady tempo, ability to play in all ranges, accuracy and speed.
    • Prepared Etudes, available in the Band Office, two weeks prior to the audition week. One etude is a short LYRICAL etude and the other a short TECHNICAL etude, both of which we provide. Tempos are clearly marked on the music, use a metronome and follow these tempo markings! Practice!!!
      Your Performance Goals: your best tone, consistent centered pitch, musicality, dynamics, phrasing, steady tempo, accuracy, correct articulations.
    • Sight Reading
  4. Percussion auditions will consist of:
    • 2 major scales, Prepare to play all of the major scales two octaves. YourPerformance Goals: accuracy, evenness of hands, steady tempo and speed.
    • Prepared Etudes: Snare Drum and Marimba
      Your Performance Goals: accuracy, dynamics, steady tempo, correct stickings and evenness of hands
    • Sight Reading, (on snare drum)
Thanks for your interest in auditioning for Wind Ensemble & Concert Band!

Good luck to you!


Band students who wish to try out for the next higher chair in their section may challenge the player currently holding the seat. The Band Director conducts the challenge. The players and the Director are separated by a screen. Player #1 (as determined by the two students) plays the selected scales first, followed by Player #2. Player #2 then plays the selected music followed by Player #1. The Band Director decides the winning player. Two weeks must elapse before a re-challenge may take place.

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