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Course Purpose:
Medical Related Careers II provides students interested in health care professions the opportunity for students to expand their basic health care skills and knowledge through clinical (job shadowing) experiences in a students specific area of interest.

Learning Activities:
Information will be presented through lecture, discussion, group activities, independent study and research. Field trips are planned to enhance information presented in class. Students will spend the majority of the time job shadowing health care professionals in areas of related career interest. Skills labs will be held to prepare students for national competency testing. Certification is optional.

Job Shadowing:
Parental approval is required for the student to participate in the Job Shadow experience.
The student is responsible for their own transportation to the clinical site.
Schedule must be followed, any adjustments will be arranged through the instructor. Students unable to meet their clinical schedule must notify the clinical site as well as the instructor and the school to report an absence. These absences must be made up as well as any appropriate written assignments. ( Excused absences included.)
Instructor can be reached at her home prior to 6 AM or the evening before at 223-5057. After 6 AM she can be reached at 400-7845. Voice messages can be left at either number.
Students must abide by the policies of the clinical sites.
Students must adhere to clinical dress code
Students and parents must sign confidentiality statements
Students must have a TB test prior to experience in the clinical setting.
Students over the age of 18 may be required to have a criminal background check according to individual facility policy.
Students must wear appropriate polo and kahki slacks, closed toed shoes and name badge when in the clinical area. Long hair must be tied back from the face. Make-up must be kept to a minimum. Only one pair of earring studs may be worn.

Evaluation is achieved through unit tests, group and class participation, weekly clinical journals, literature reviews, and clinical performance.

Grade Scale:
A 100 - 92; B 91 - 83; C 82 - 74; D 73 - 65; F Below 65

Textbook: Mosby Textbook for Nursing Assistants - Sheila Sorrentino, Mosby 6th Ed. 2005.

Units of Instruction:
Role & Responsibilities of the Nursing Assistant
Care of the Older Person
Understanding the Person You Care For
Injury Prevention & Infection Control
Restraint Alternative & Safe Restraint Usage
Personal Cares & Grooming
Basic Nursing
Legal & Ethical Issues
Restorative Care
Care of the Cognitively Impaired
Behavioral Issues in Health Care

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