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Medical Related Careers I

Course content

Course Content
A. Introduction to Health Care
1. Health Care System
2. Health Care Careers
3. Qualities of a Health Care Provider
4. Legal & Ethical Issues
5. Standards for Health Care Education
6. Health Care Career Clusters
a. Therapeutic Careers
b. Diagnostic Careers
c. Rehabilitative Careers
d. Informatic Careers
e. Biotechnologic & Research Careers
f. Environmental and Support Systems
g. Alternative Medicine
B. Introduction to Medical Terminology and Abbreviation for the Health Care Provider
C. Community First Aid & Safety
1. American Red Cross - CPR
2. American Red Cross - First Aid
3. Accident Prevention
D. Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology (Body Systems)
1. Planes, Directions & Cavities
2. Integumentary
3. Skeletal
4. Circulatory
5. Endocrine
6. Digestive
7. Lymphatic
8. Nervous
9. Muscular
10. Special Senses
11. Respiratory
12. Reproductive
13. Urinary
E. Human Growth & Development
F. Principles of Infection Control
G. Fundamentals of Nutrition
H. Vital Signs
I. Computers in Health Care
J. Job Seeking Skills

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