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Algebra II

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Course Description

Algebra II is a college prep course designed to get students ready for Pre-Calculus and/or College Algebra. Throughout the course, we will be building on the student's prior knowledge from Algebra I and Geometry. We will explore many different types of functions through algebraic and graphical representations.

To be successful in Algebra II, students need to have good study habits. Students will need to take notes, ask good questions, and complete their daily assignments. Don't wait until the last minute to do your homework or ask for help!

Calculator Information

What Calculators Do I Allow?

  • FX-300MS 10-digit scientific calculator with 2-line display

Texas Instrument:
  • 30SXIIS 2-line, 10 digit scientific calculator
  • TI-83 Plus
  • TI-84 Plus Sliver Edition

Class Expectations

Algebra II Syllabus 2010-2011 (pdf document)
File Size: 27.21 kb

Bismarck High's Grade Scale
Letter Grade Percentage
A+ 98-100
A 94-97
A- 92-93
B+ 90-91
B 86-89
B- 83-85
C+ 81-82
C 77-80
C- 74-76
D+ 72-73
D 68-71
D- 65-67
F below 65

How to Access the Online Book

  1. Go to Classzone Website using one of the following options
    • clicking on the above algebra book
    • clicking on the website link below
  2. Enter activation code
  3. Enter user name: first name_last name
  4. Enter password: last name

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